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SK to face FX in grand finals; Na'Vi place third

By Mark 'XOXOmark' Emmerson
Aug 21, 2011 07:42

ImageSK-Gaming have defeated Na'Vi in the consolidation final of e-Stars Seoul 2011 and as a result will proceed to the grand finals where they will once again clash with FX.

SE SK Gaming 16:9 UA Natus Vincere on de_nuke (CT 12:3 T, T 4:6 CT)

The consolidation finals of e-Stars Seoul 2011 began with SE SK Gaming on the favoured counter-terrorist side and once again SE Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson stole the show with his impressive AWP player as well as rifle skill. With all of the Swedish players in top gear, Na'Vi failed to secure many rounds in the first half of the map. In the 10th round however, SK were shut down by UA Yegor 'markeloff' Markelov who managed to pull an ace out of his sleeve which fully contributed to one of the Ukrainians three round wins as terrorists. After the first 15 rounds, SK led by 12 going into the second half.

Keen to grab the same success as SK on the CT side Na'Vi braced themselves on the upper bombsite for a big Swedish push in the first round of the second half and after an intense Delpan managed to hack down markeloff to win the round. After arming up, SK went on to take the second round. Before SK could march on to victory however, UA Sergey 'starix' Ishchuk and company put up a great show, taking six rounds in a row before the Swedes finally took the last two rounds they needed to progress to the grand finals.

SK-Gaming as a result of their victory will therefore face off against PL Frag eXecutors for the second time today, this time on de_tuscan (and de_inferno if SK manage to win the first map) in the grand finals of e-Stars Seoul 2011. The match is scheduled to begin at 8:00 CET.

SK celebrate beating Na`Vi:



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