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LoL Semi-Final 1 in Cologne.

By Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin
Aug 20, 2011 12:57

ImageThe first Semi-Final in Cologne has finished and we know who will be our first finalist for the League of Legends tournament at Global Challenge, Cologne.

The first game was very intersting, FR Millenium looked to have the early advantage with some good kills and the first drake.

We then saw somewhat of a base race as [M] used their advantage of numbers having killed some of the US Counter Logic Gaming players to push top lane with a 4 vs 1 push. However at the same time CLG split pushed the two other lanes to to take 3 towers to [M]'s 2.

This same split push tactic then allowed them to take another 2 towers, this map control swung the match in CLG'S favour and they started to control the map.

A good couple of team fights for CLG then put the game firmly in their control and they used this advantage to secure game 1 of the BO3.


Match 2

In what was quite possibly the best match of the weekend we saw play of the highest calibre from both teams.

CLG started the game brilliantly, we saw US George 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis dominate early on Cho'Gath and he got fed early, CLG used this to win a great early teamfight after which they took baron at level 11.

CLG seemed to be in control, they were 5 kills ahead and had the baron as well as the tower advantage.

Millenium however then stepped their game up to a higher level. They teamfought flawlessly and started to win exchanges. They gradually started to claw back the lead will their substitue player FR Jocelyn 'Tidus' Pierlot leading the way, he eventually went 7-1-8 on Ashe and his arrows were practically homing missiles.

With Tidus putting in such a strong show he was pinnacle to his team.

Millenium won consecutive teamfights with teamwork of the highest standard, they continiued to play perfectly to ensure we were going to see a third and final game.

Once the VOD's are online, i strongly suggest you watch this match.

Match 3

The third and final match continued the trend of being an extremely close game between these two.

This time round we saw CLG play exceptionally, carried by CA Michael 'bigfatlp' Tang on his Kog'Maw coupled with Zilean we saw some extreme damage put out.

As the game grew in length it was to be the Kog'Maw which proved too strong. Immense farm meant his build of a Tri-Force and Madred's Bloodrazor demolished towers with ease.

CLG qualified to be the first team in the final of Global Challenge, Cologne.




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