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Frag eXecutors sign a LoL team

By Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin
Aug 10, 2011 18:57

ImageFx join the LoL scene by picking up the former Adversa line up.

PL Frag eXecutors have decided to enter the LoL scene by signing Global Challenge, Cologne participant and the former PL Adversa eSports line-up.

The new Fx team are currently making waves on the EU-NE server and will be looking for a good showing in the upcoming events.

PL Piotr 'Nicker' Muzolf was interviewed by AbsoluteLegends to ask his thoughts on being approached by the Polish giants.

Here is the interview:

Hi Nicker,
Since yesterday your team joined the ranks of "Frag eXecutors". I have just a few questions. Why did you decide to change sponsorship?

"After all FX is known for their great results with their CounterStrike team.
The previous team we were in, Adversa E-Sports, was actually a part of a project helping new gamers and they were more than happy to hand us over to Frag eXecutors. The direct reason we needed a professional gaming organisation was the need to cover our trip to IEM Cologne and who doesn't want to be in FX nowadays?"

Will you need to step up your game, will you practice even more now?

"We have always been doing our best, we will practice as often as possible and compete in all the tournaments available for us, hoping to establish our line up as one of the top European teams."

Do you think the pressure will be higher due to playing with a new tag?

"The pressure might be higher, but we definitely will do the best of our abilities to get some good games going and make our new sponsorship proud."

Nicker was also interview by his organisation, this can be found on the FX site here.

The new full line-up consists of:

PL Łukasz 'Awesome Imba' Dusza
PL Paweł 'Ismaro' Szprącel
PL Jakub 'Kubon' Turewicz
PL Piotr 'Nicker' Muzolf
PL Paweł 'Alvado' Kamiński



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