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Fnatic remove nRated

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Jul 4, 2013 22:09

ImageIn a stunning announcement, the organisation removes its support player and shuffles the roster.

DE Christoph 'nRated' Seitz was a member of the former FR aAa trio that eventually reunited in EU fnatic. Being considered among the very best supports in Europe, few expected that the German would be removed from the main lineup. The reasons behind this decision are cited as lack of commitment to practise. The player released a statement which you can find below:

"The decision of my former teammates hit me hard and I didnt expect it at all. I'm trying to find words to describe what goes on in my mind but I barely cannot. It was their decision and they will have to handle the results, at this point I can only say that I'm a free agent now so anyone that wants to approach me should do so. I hope I'll be around still and best regards to anyone that supported me in this hard time. Farewell Fnatic."

The shuffling of the roster continues as FR Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim steps down from the AD Carry position and will be seen playing as support from now on. Rumours about this change were spread after his Solo Queue history contained games of him playing exclusively as support. Putting on the carry pants will be high ELO player EE Johannes "puszu" Uibos. The Estonian is no stranger to the competitive scene being part of teams such as DE mouz, EU H2k-Gaming and EU Tt Dragons, albeit to little success.

The overall change however is only temporary, as EE puszu will give up his spot to SE Rekkles who turns 17 in September and will be old enough to compete in all Riot run competitions with Fnatic.

Source: Fnatic



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