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eSports Award 2004

By Alexander 'eckomonster' Kirchner
Aug 11, 2004 16:55

Intel, ATI and Turtle-Entertainment are going to arrange the first awards show for gamers in the area esports.

At saturday the 21th of august 2004, the so called "night of esports" will take part in Leipzig. Players, Fans and Leaders will party there. This party includes something very special, the eSports Award. Its the first time in history that the best players and teams will obtain an award. The show starts at 20:30 CET. Nik "VincentVega" Adams, Jens "GreatSam" Hilgers and Alexander "MadDog" Albrecht will announce the laureate of each category. There are totaly 5 categories, which will be decorated with a price.
Those categories will be:
eSports player of the Year ( Potti and MaDFroG among nominees)
Newcomer of the Year ( SpawN among nominees)
eSports player of the year (female)
Best Counter-Strike player ( Potti and HeatoN among nominees)
Best Warcraft 3 - The frozen Throne player ( Sweet, MaDFroG, HeMaN, Wizard among nominees)
Best eSports Team of the year ( SK.swe and SK.UT among the nominees)
Its possible for the users to vote for the best eSports Team of the year, the best eSports Coverage Online Magazine (national), the best eSports Coverage Online Magazine (international) and the best Publisher. The event is mainly for invited guests only, visitors of the GC 2004 and Fans can win cards at the ESL Event Stage, or purchase a card at the box office.eSports-Award news



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