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EG announces team training house

By David 'Holy_KR' Kim
Aug 1, 2011 20:00

ImageEG continues to invest more and more into the expansion of their Starcraft 2 team.

Team Evil Geniuses is one of the premier North American organizations that specialize in Starcraft 2, and probably a contender in of the best teams around the world. With their continued dedication to the eSports cause, they've recently purchased a team house in order to further their ambitions in Starcraft, but also improve their players' abilities ingame.

The house, which will be situated in Arizona of the United States, will be equipped with various high end equipment, and will also allow many interesting tidbits of the EG Starcraft 2 team to be revealed.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. – July 31st, 2011. – Today Evil Geniuses (EG), North America’s premier professional gaming team and a world leader in e-sports, have announced the official opening of their StarCraft II training house in Arizona. Anna “uNcontroLable” Prosser will act as the team’s house manager and will assist the division with developing on-site content centered on the team.

The house, which will be the home of the entire StarCraft II team immediately following MLG Anaheim 2011, will act as a structured training facility and will offer the community behind-the-scenes access to all of the EG pro players through live video streaming, player video blogs, and an assortment of viral
media hosted by Anna Prosser.

Scott Smith CEO of Evil Geniuses had this to say of the team house:

"It’s absolutely exciting to be finally announcing the launch of our EG training house in Arizona,” said Scott Smith, CEO of Evil Geniuses. “While we will be showcasing the house more in a more detailed manner in a few weeks, the glimpse we’ll be providing with this release should give the community an idea of how much EG is investing in StarCraft II."

The entire EG Starcraft 2 division will with the except of Puma will immediately move into the training house due to MLG Anaheim's recent conclusion.

The full press release can be found Here



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