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Former lead editor and interviewer for DE SK Gaming

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Work experience:
BG iNNERFiRE - multi-game journalist and Editor-in-Chief: 2012
US onGamers - League of Legends Feature Producer: 01.2014 - 02.2015
DE SK-Gaming - League of Legends Lead Editor: 11.2012 - 08.2015

My journey into eSports started in 2004 when I accidentally caught a small video on TV from the WarCraft 3 WCG 2004 final. I opened up the SK Gaming website from my father's laptop and never stopped reading to this day. In early 2010 I started writing at a Bulgarian news website simply because I disliked how the current editor was handling his job and with time, I got to be Editor-In-Chief. My main writing interests back then were StarCraft 2, QuakeLive and League of Legends.

Fast-forward to 2012, after a small hiatus and moving to England to attend university, I decided to start writing news posts again, inspired by a couple of industry figures who have taken their turns taking eSports writing to a new level. With the beginning of IPL5, I was given a trial with SK Gaming which was successful and I never looked back.

In early 2014, onGamers presented me with an incredible opportunity to join their ranks which I took. Although I believe my 2014 was rather poor (in terms of work ethic and results), I have made changes during the winter break to ensure that sufficient effort will be made to repair that. Unfortunately, due to the collapse of the team, the project was at a stand still which marked the end of my stint with the oG crew.

I continued producing 1 on 1 interviews with SK members until July 2015. After that, other commitments arose and I figured I could not provide the flow of content I promised my superiors and took a step back, leaving SK.

If you are an eSports fan who is looking to get into writing or simply want to chat about eSports across the years, you can always find me on my twitter - @Adddler . Below you can find some trivia about me.

KR BroodWar / StarCraft 2 KR

BW pro: KR sAvi0r and KR Flash (for different reasons)
BW race: Terran
BW series: KR Hana Daetoo MSL
SC2 pro: KR Creator and FR Stephano (different reasons)
SC2 race: Terran
SC2 series: SE ThorZain vs KR Polt at DreamHack Open 2012 and any big final played by King KR MvP
StarCraft related article: God of the Battlefield


Pro: BY Alexey 'Cypher' Yanushevski
Map: Aerowalk, BloodRun (100% Eastern European choices)
Series: RU Cooller vs BY Cypher. Especially the brilliant defensive Cypher game on Aero (game 4).
Rivalry: US Rapha vs BY Cypher
Quake related articled: The Quadra Interview and the one and only Cypher PoV

League of Legends

Pro(s): GR FORG1VEN, KR Faker, CN WeiXiao, CN NaMei and KR Mata.
Position: AD Carry
Series: All the CN World Elite games at US IPL5, KR KT Bullets versus KR SK Telecom T1 K OGN Summer 2013 Final and LPL Summer Final between CN StarHorn Royal Club and CN EDG (The perfect Jinx game by CN Namei).
League related article: Most of TeamLiquid.net's takes on the 2012 and 2013 OGN tournaments.

SE Counter-Strike SE

Pro: SE f0rest
Team: SE Fnatic (2008-2009)
Series: PL AGAiN vs SE Fnatic at WCG 2009. Literally broke a cup after the game. One of the most emotional series for me as a spectator.

Events attended:

UK Gfinity League of Legends - August 2013 (SK Gaming)
UK EU LCS Week 5 London - June 2014 (SK Gaming / onGamers)
DE GamesCom 2014 Cologne - August 2014 (SK Gaming / onGamers)
DE EU LCS 2015 Week 7 Spring Split - March 2015 (SK Gaming)
PL Intel Extreme Masters Season IX Katowice - March 2015 (SK-Gaming)


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