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HeatoN 2/3: "2003 [SK] should have won ESWC"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Aug 1, 2011 03:17

ImageIn part 2 the one and only HeatoN talks NiP, Hyper, zet, ESWC 2003, WCG gold, XeqtR and which American players he wished he'd played with.

In a lengthy historical interview SE Emil 'HeatoN' Christensen talks about his long and successful career which saw him recognised as one of the best CS players of all time. The man with 9 CPL titles and a WCG gold to his name discusses the legendary teams he was a part of and the near-mythical names he played alongside and against.

In part two HeatoN talks about the post-SK.swe period of his career, reforming NiP and taking in different players.

Why did that All-Star SE NiP lineup fail? How good was SE Hyper in 2004? What did HeatoN think of the NiP lineup with SE walle, SE zet and SE ins? What is his take on zet's problems returning to 1.6? Why should SK have won ESWC in 2003? Why did his teams always perform at CPLs? What was the significance of winning the WCG gold medal? What are his thoughts on playing with NO XeqtR? Which American AWPers does he cite as players he once wished he could have played with?

[Note: This interview was conducted in 2010 after Arbalet Cup Europe so when HeatoN talks about fnatic and WCG he is referring to that year's]



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