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TL interviewed MMA about MLG Anaheim

By Justin 'Phaymous' Behn
Jul 27, 2011 19:57

ImageSlayerS_MMA talks about his goals in e-Sports, BoxeR, team SlayerS, and his plans for MLG Anaheim

KR Seong Won 'MMA' Mun, team captain of SlayerS looks forward to MLG Anaheim with excitement and hoping to be able to spend more time with the fans!

As foreign tournaments began getting larger, many Korean players started playing overseas. In addition we heard that the October GSL finals will be held in Anaheim also. What do you think about Starcraft 2 going global?
"I think of it very positively. I'm certain that there will be more new tournaments in the future, and I think that many Korean players will go overseas to compete, because foreign fans have something korean fans don't have -- heart."

MMA also goes into great detail, about how awesome "The Emperor," KR Yo-Hwan 'BoxeR' Lim is and how much he has been there for MMA.

Who is BoxeR to you? How does the fact that BoxeR is your coach provide you with strength when you need advice or have a problem?
"I can't express who BoxeR-hyung is to us. At times he is like our father, like a pillar, and in another way he's like a friend... you can't describe him with mere words. He has been a player for such a long time so he knows exactly how we feel. He takes care of us very thoroughly when we're having trouble, when we need something, all the miscellaneous things related to the game, and our mental health, and because he manages us so well, he is a source of enormous strength."

What kind of dreams do you have in the world of e-Sports?
"BoxeR-hyung once told me that he wanted to produce an e-Sports player that will bring the world together as one. I want to become this player."

MMA seems endlessly tickled by the fans of MLG, and is extremely excited to put on a show for everyone again. One of the thoughts that comes up frequently while he is playing is,
"I wonder what I could do to entertain the fans and make good memories?"

You can find the full interview on TeamLiquid

The players stuck in the powerhouse MMA's pool are:
CA Paul-David 'SLush' Pagé
DE Giacomo 'Socke' Thüs
CA Andrew 'drewbie' Moysey

While we have not seen MMA play against any of these four players in any major tournaments, he is certainly the favored to come out on top.

The foreigner he is looking forward to playing most again is US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields to see how much he has learned about perseverance, while the Korean player he wants to play is KR Soo Ho 'DongRaeGu' Park to settle the score, and show him that it wasn't luck in the past that allowed him to win.



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