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threat 1on1 3/4: "Gux is even better than Xizt"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jul 18, 2011 15:11

ImageIn part 3 of this 1on1 threat speaks about using a player like Gux in his team, the Gux era of Lions.swe and where his career goes from here.

SE Lions swe tactician SE Björn 'threat' Pers speaks in a lengthy four part 1on1 interview about his rise to the top tier of CS, his time as a member of SE fnatic in 2010, the role of an in-game leader and the great players he has been on teams with.

In part three threat discusses the Gux as a player, the Gux era of Lions.swe and the in-game-leader's future in Counter-Strike.

How does he use a player like Gux? What are Gux's strengths? Was it a mistake for fnatic to blow up their lineup from the end of 2010? What went wrong during the Gux era of Lions.swe to prevent them doing great things? What is threat's theory about mTw's game vs. e-Sahara in the IEM V European Championship? What is his take on the way Group B played for Lions at the IEM V World Championship? Where does threat's career go from here?



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