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Fnatic release Spart1e and Strenx

By Stuart 'SwitchbacK' Macdonald
Jul 17, 2011 18:34

ImageFnatic has stopped supporting their star Quake Live duelers.

Fnatic has announced the removal of their two star Quake Live players, Sebastian 'Spart1e' Siira and Kevin 'Strenx' Baeza, due to the game's absence from the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters season. The duo spent two years representing Fnatic across the majority of Quake Live's major tournaments.

While Strenx recently admitted that Quake was "over" for him after learning that Fnatic wouldn't send him to QuakeCon, Spart1e remained quiet on the matter of competing up until today's announcement, where Fnatic Business Development Manager Neil 'kboy' Kirk revealed that the pair had found another organization that will continue to give the players financial support.

The decline in tournament activity for Quake Live comes at a poor time for Strenx in particular after an impressive start to 2011. The Frenchman put a dent in the once unstoppable force of the "elite four" at several events, including the IEM V World Championship Finals and the Ultimate Gaming Championship, to move himself into contention for his first major Quake Live tournament win.

Spart1e briefly snapped out of a poor tournament run near the end of 2010 by picking up a well-deserved fourth place finish at QuakeCon but failed to find his feet from there, with 2-1 wins over Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson and Alexei 'Cypher' Yanushevsky in the group stages of the IEM V World Championship being his only notable results in 2011.

QuakeCon 2011 takes place from August 4 to 7, with all of the top Quake Live players across both CTF and duel expected to be in attendance. Will it finally be the event for Strenx or Spart1e to secure their first Quake Live tournament victory?



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