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'mSx fragmovie' by fistOr released

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jul 17, 2011 01:43

ImagefistOr has released 'mSx fragmovie', an impressive frag movie starring French monster mSx. It's 99% POV footage and features mind-blowing frags against top opponents.

Talented French movie maker FR fistOr has released a frag movie, entitled 'mSx fragmovie', focused entirely around the play of the marvellous French CS monster FR Mickael 'mSx' Cassisi. The movie clocks in at 8m10s, is made up almost entirely of POV footage and has a clean graphical approach which doesn't hamper any of the kills with effects/colour filters.

This movie showcases some of the most high level frags, against high level opponents, you will ever see in such clarity. This is a movie which can easily be described as an instant classic and one of the very best examples of the level of skill an elite player is capable of achieving in Counter-Strike. It's a doubly delightful affair in as much as mSx is not a player known for willingly releasing his POV demos so some of this crisp and flawless footage would never have been seen had this movie not been created.

mSx is easily the greatest French CS player of all time, having led FR emuLate to a WCG gold medal in 2007 with his impossibly high skill level. fistOr is a well known movie maker for his 'fistOr connection' series, 'Around the world' and 'JoN1oP - my eboys' way' movies.

Name: mSx fragmovie
Editor: FR fistOr
Runtime: 8m10s
Download: Megaupload,,, team-aAa,


Alternate stream: youtube



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