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FXOBoSs Chronicles Korea

By David 'Holy_KR' Kim
Jul 16, 2011 01:36

ImageFXOBoSs brings Korea to the community, and talks of his experiences in the E Sport's nation.

It's been several weeks since FXOpen E Sports took the big dive, and the entire team traveled to Korea to compete in the GSL Team League, but also have their individual players attempt to qualify in the GSL Code A Qualifiers. In a type of blog post, team manager Josh 'BoSs' Dentrinos, sat down and gave to the community his experiences in South Korea.

Below are several snippets of his experience in Korea:

"One of my initial thoughts upon arriving in Korea, was the convenience of flights from outside of Asia. It seems most flights from Asia, are red eye flights and tend to land early morning. The flights are always early/ontime and customs has no line up. It generally takes between 10-20 minutes to have your bags and be on the train to your destination.

However, flights from abroad, seem to arrive around the 5pm mark, and there is a higher density of flights. As we experienced with most arrivals, they were late by about 30 minutes, and customs was a relatively tedious exercise. However, a small price to pay to meet up with 'family'.

Highlight: When i picked up thegunrun from the airport, the guy infront of me kept doing yoga, and farting at the same time... Was relatively impressive how he blankly ignored that fact.. I quickly moved away."

He also discusses about the hospitality of the Korean culture, and the people who live by this culture on a daily basis.

"Now, this definitely wasn't the first time I had been to Korea, or overseas for that matter. I am on my 3rd passport since 2009, so I definitely know how to collect stamps. However Korea is a very unique place. The people all look somewhat depressed, however when you try to talk to them, they greet you with one of the largest smiles I have ever seen. There's a lot of public drunkenness on any single night and it seems like there is some sort of hidden pain in the country. Personally, I think this kind of culture in a relatively developed society, is somewhat interesting. I am not going to question why things are like this. It just needs to be known that even though the people have a depressed looking exterior say, in the street. When you actually meet or talk to a Korean person, they are the most friendly and respectful people in the entire world. There is another culture that is identical, but i won't mention them in order to not insult any Koreans.

Highlight: QXC and I went to buy groceries one day at the supermarket. The lady forgot to scan one bottle of milk, and we were like "what about the milk". She then proceeded to scan it in as a gift and give it to us for free. Whilst I assume this came from her wages, she did it with the biggest smile, and a bow. And was trying to communicate in English as best she could. This moment made me feel very warm and welcomed. Its definitely something that wouldn't happen in Australia or the united states. Or Malaysia for that matter. I was impressed."

The full post can be found Here

Unfortunately despite the pure determination and effort in this endeavor, FXOpen has not met much success in South Korea. They are currently in last place of Group B, which has teams such as HoSeo, Incredible Miracle, and StarTale. Also currently none of their players have qualified for GSL Code A.

However, it seems that their sentiments are still hopeful, and it seems that FXOBoSs has not lost hope in their valiant effort.

"I may have spent a lot of money on Korea, but it was totally worth it minus a few hiccups. My players are now able to say they know how to do it. They have made friends with other pro gamers who respect them and WANT to play with them. They have the knowledge to teach other gamers how to do it.

I love Korea, and so should every gamer out there. Without Korea, gaming is just a hobby."



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