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Riot to re-work stealth in League of Legends

By Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin
Jul 14, 2011 09:56

ImageA Riot developer has given information on the stealth changes.

Since the beginning of time, Riot has stated that it wishes to re-work the stealth system. We have seen numerous nerfs/buffs to champions such as Eve and Twitch who always seem to be totally overpowered or totally worthless.

"First of all, there are some problem with stealth champions:

1. There was no way for the opponents to get an inkling of how clever the stealth player was being, and thus there was no good way to get a sense of how that player operates.

2. Stealth is claustrophobic in the way that it makes you play.

3. Stealth gives very powerful scouting information while simultaneously hiding that information from your opponent.

We tried some iterations past the first few tests, with Paranoia, alternate resource bars, footprints, phasing and mark systems but in the end, we settled on the current system because it was the simplest solution for long-term stealth. In short: "Everyone has reduced Oracles, but Evelynn and Twitch are perma-stealthed."

Disclaimer: I fully understand this destroys a *lot* of the current stealth game play changes. Unfortunately, through lots of iteration, I was unable to capture the feeling of pure invisibility while in stealth while having fun game play. In the end, I decided to opt for a very simple system that was highly understandable over some more fiddling mechanics."

Evelynn and Twitch are permanently stealthed when they rank their level one stealth abilities. However, Evelynn and Twitch can be seen when they are within X units of an enemy champion (Slightly under vision range), or when they are within a true sight radius.

Evelynn and Twitch have a "sight gem" above opponent's, telling them when the enemy can see them or not and whether they are "safe" (green sight gem), "warning - you are close to being seen, but still unseen" (yellow sight gem) or "being seen" (red sight gem.)

These are the main details though if you wish to learn a little more you can read it over on forums.

Source: AbsoluteLegends



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