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PES German Masters: Cristiano knocked out at quarter-final

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Jul 14, 2011 06:22

Imagemouz wiDe is the new german master - SK Cristiano811 took 7th place

Last weekend the german Pro Evolution masters 2011 were held up at the Center Park in Medebach, Germany and Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel was there to play for the german master title.

Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel played a very good group stage where he had at the end the lowest number of loses, but also a lot of draws, which had the consequence that he faced the 2nd place of the groupstage and qualified for the K.O. round.

After SK Cristiano811 won his match of the last sixteen against xesi92 with 4:1, he had to play against LENNAO da Silva Albrinho in the quarter-final. The first leg didn't pan out very well for Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel and LENNAO da Silva Albrinho made fast goals, but Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel could only made one goal and therefore the result of the first leg was 2:1 for LENNAO da Silva Albrinho. The return game started very well for Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel with 2 goals and so the result of both matches was 3:3.

Therefore both players had to play the deciding match, where LENNAO was clearly the better player, but also with a lot bad luck. At the 90+2 minute, the goal came for LENNAO.

Like last year, Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel couldn't create the entering for the semi-final, despite his very good achievement at the groupstage and the round of last sixteen.

Quote from Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel:

"Like the last year, I didn't reach the semi-final, but Lenny was without a doubt the better player at the quarter-final, thanks for the very good support and also a big thanks to the host for a very exciting tourney"



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