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ICSC8: Quarter-final matches live; SK to semis

By Mark 'XOXOmark' Emmerson
Jul 9, 2011 19:00

ImageSK Gaming will proceed to the semi-finals along with Roccat while FX, KerchNET, M5 & VP battle it out in the quarter-finals later today.

After a long, action packed afternoon, SE SK Gaming and RU will automatically proceed to the semi-finals after topping their respective groups. On the other hand, PL Frag eXecutors , UA KerchNET , RU Moscow Five and FI ROCCAT will have to earn their semi-final slots by beating their respective opponents in the quarter-finals.

Quarter-final matches:

FI ROCCAT vs PL Frag eXecutors - Best of 3 maps
UA KerchNET vs RU Moscow Five - Best of 3 maps

SE SK Gaming managed to make it through the groups stage of the Intel Challenge Cup 8 without conceding a map, winning their last two games against PL Frag eXecutors on de_train and de_inferno with scores of 16:10 and 16:11.

SE SK Gaming 16:10 PL Frag eXecutors on de_train (10:5 CT, 6:5 T)

Frag eXecutors dominated SK Gaming in the first five rounds of de_train as terrorists with their fierce bombsite pushes. Furthermore, for the opening rounds PL Jarosław 'pasha' Jarząbkowski managed to control the map with his AWP. Everything changed on the sixth round however when the Swedes relaxed and strengthened their defenses. After losing earlier rounds to pasha, SE Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson managed to take control of the map off him by opening up some great opportunities with his AWP frags. SE Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund also used these openings to his advantage with massive plays within the middle period of the first half. With the tides now in the Swedes favor, they matched into a 10:5 lead going into the second half.

Once again FX won the pistol round and following round, however SK managed to clear the map on the third round. From there, both teams vigorously traded rounds which worked to the Swedes favor as with their first half map advantage they were able to bring the first game to an end with a score of 16:10.

SE SK Gaming 16:11 PL Frag eXecutors on de_inferno (6:9 T, 10:2 T)

After taking the pistol round FX looked in great shape starting out de_inferno, however they were slightly rattled in the third round when SK bought deagles and SE Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström knifed PL Jakub 'kuben' Gurczynski. Although they went on to win the round, FX were clearly shaken and SK as a result took an advantage of the situation, taking the next few rounds with SE Johan 'face' Klasson connecting perfectly onto his enemy. Once FX shook off the incident however, they went on to dominate the remaining rounds of the half. With kuben and taz working in harmony, the Poles managed to bring the first half score to 9:6 in their favor.

After swapping sides, for the first time today SK managed to take the pistol round of FX, mainly due to PL Jakub 'kuben' Gurczynski becoming too keen in a 1on1 against Robban and as a result getting shut down by Swede faster than he should of done. This played a huge part in the round as Robban was without a defuse kit and as the old saying goes "patients is a virtue". FX took the second round, just, however they were shown a taste of their own medicine on the third round with the Swedes going out all gun blazing with their deagles. SK managed to then take control of the map, taking a total of 10 rounds that half while FX only managed to take 2 to secure their final win of the day with a score of 16:11.

More coverage of the ICSC8 can be found by clicking here: Intel Challenge Super Cup 8



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