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HoN in NASL Season 2

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Jul 9, 2011 13:53

ImageS2 Games and North American Star League announce partnership, HoN to be included in NASL Season 2.

S2 Games have announced a partnership with the North American Star League during the NASL Season 1 Finals in Ontario, California.

Many have wondered what a Heroes of Newerth promotional booth is doing at an exclusive Starcraft II event and it all started to make sense already on the first day. It has been made public that Heroes of Newerth will be included in the NASL Season 2.

Unfortunately, no further details are known yet and thus it remains unclear what the extent of this collaboration will be. Will HoN be permanently included or is this a one time thing? Will the HoN tournament feature a similar format as the Starcraft II one does? Does the NASL plan to further expand and embrace even more eSport titles?

One thing is, however, perfectly clear. S2 Games is starting their long awaited aggressive eSport promotional campaign as this is just the first of many partnerships that they hinted at in the past, including their own circuit that is yet to be announced.

Tidbits of info about the NASL partnership as well as the HoN Circuit is available in's interview with Shashi Singh, S2 Games eSports manager.

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