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FXOpen send Choya to MLG Anaheim

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jul 6, 2011 01:11

ImageFXOpen will be sending Choya, of fOu, to MLG Anaheim as an act of friendship.

KR Hyung-Sup 'Choya' Lee, of fOu, will be attending MLG Anaheim, but not as part of the GSL's player exchange program. FXOBoSs, of FXOpen, is sending the South Korean Protoss for reasons of friendship.

FXOBoSs wrote in a thread on TeamLiquid:

"Whilst in Korea, I have made alot of friends, alot of foes, and alot of neutrals. ChoyafOu has been one of those people who have really made an impression on me personally, and I felt it my duty to pay him back and hopefully give him a good impression of not only myself, but foreign e-sports in general.

So, in return for his hospitality with me personally, I have decided to fly him to MLG Anaheim, to play with the FXO team and the foreigners and koreans that are participating in MLG Anaheim.

This is not part of the MLG GSL exchange, but an opportunity for a top class player, as well as a top class person, to compete overseas and get a taste for what its like abroad.

Choya will be wearing an FXO shirt with ChoyafOu written on the back during the event. Please do not assume that Choya has joined FXO, as this is untrue. It is merely a gesture to show his appreciation for me sending him to MLG.

I look forward to Anaheim, and I look forward to seeing Choya all kill MLG."

Choya's best accomplishments thusfar have been back-to-back reaching the final eight of GSL's 3rd and 4th seasons, losing to Jinro and NesTea there respectively.

Source: TeamLiquid
(Photograph copyright of sc2p)



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