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Strenx: "Quake is over for me"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jul 4, 2011 20:24

ImageIEM V World Championship 3rd place finisher Strenx says "Quake is over for me" on his facebook page since his team, fnatic, won't send him to Quakecon 2011.

FR Kevin 'Strenx' Baeza's career as a professional QuakeLive dueler may have come to an end, or so he suggested today. The talented French player suggested his time had come to an end with his team, fnatic, choosing not to send him to Quakecon 2011. With IEM's recent exclusion of QuakeLive from the upcoming Season VI game pool Quakecon was the last major event on the horizon until Dreamhack Winter.

The news comes one day after Strenx had said he would not quit dueling and was simply on his holidays.

FR Strenx wrote on his facebook account earlier today:

"It seems that fnatic doesn't send me to Quakecon, so Quake is over for me since there is no events anymore, sorry guys."

Strenx had been known for a few years as a player with excellent lightning gun aim but little else to make him stand out from the crowd. In 2010 he began making a name for himself as one of the top duelers in the world as he placed 4th at the IEM IV European Championship. 3rd place finishs at Dreamhack Summer and BEAT and rounding out the year with a 4th at Dreamhack Winter helped cement his status as one of the dark horse players gunning for the elite four (US rapha, BY Cypher, RU Cooller and PL av3k) of QL.

In 2011 Strenx seemed to elevate his game to a higher level, accomplishing 3rd place finishes at both the IEM V European and World Championships as well as IT Stermy's UGC event. At Dreamhack Summer the Frenchman, who works in a mayonnaise factoring according to this wired article, found a group stage loss to US DaHanG costly as it paired him up with BY Cypher, the eventual champion, in the quarter-finals and saw him downed in a three map sweep.

Source: facebook via DerQuaker



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