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SK.HoN announce new line-up

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Jul 1, 2011 17:52

ImageSK Gaming officially announces the release of it's HoN team, picks up ex-Evil Geniuses to take their place.

The SK Gaming Heroes of Newerth team, despite sporting some of the most talented players in the world, has been plagued by roster issues for a while now.

It is mainly because of this that SK Gaming has decided to release the three remaining members of the SK.HoN line-up, consisting of:

CA Nick 'Testie' Perentesis
US Mike 'CarDinaL' Smith
US Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas

SK Gaming would like to wish all of them the best of luck in the future and thank them for their accomplishments under the [SK] tag.

This, however, is certainly not the end of the SK Gaming Heroes of Newerth division. We are happy to announce the players that previously played under the Evil Geniuses tag, as the new SK.HoN team.

SK Gaming Heroes of Newerth roster:
US Orie 'YoDa' Guo
US Brendan 'se`busca' Taveirne
US Allen 'FujiApples' Tu
US Steven 'Korok' Ashworth
US Robert 'Bdiz' Tinnes
US Andrew 'Riser_' Bronze

SK Gaming's player manager DE Timothy 'Merusame' Ellersiek released a statement:
"HoN has been a vital part of SK Gaming for just over a year now. The game itself has gained immensely on popularity in the e-sports scene, one just has to look at the number of spectators of streams in the prestigious tournaments. Our former roster had problems finding stability even if we had some of the most skilled players in the lineup. They were able to win the Honcast community vote as the best HoN team globally several times which I find extremely special.

What SK Gaming is seeking though is a stable roster that can exist over a very long period of time. The reason behind this is that we are willing to send the team to Europe for larger events, for example Dreamhack Winter in November. I wanted to thank all of our former members, especially Testie and Fogged for always being a vital part of the lineup but also thanks to Cardinal and Tralfamadore. At the same time I would like to welcome our new HoN roster, which until now, has played under the American Evil Geniuses flag. Robert 'Bdiz' Tinnes, who I personally hold in high regard, as well as Steven 'Korok' Ashworth are returning home so to speak! We are looking forward to see your first matches for SK!"

US Orie 'YoDa' Guo of new SK.HoN said:
"We've had a rough road when it comes to sponsors. Essentially, everyone so far that wanted to sponsor us wasn't used to dealing with American HoN teams. Every tournament was either a costly LAN in Europe or an online tournament - no American LANs that they could afford to send us to. EG wasn't any different.

Considering the only purpose we would even have to sign with a sponsor is to go to LAN events, this was unacceptable. We've now worked out a deal with SK that is more appropriate for HoN, and look forward to being able to proudly represent SK at any big LAN events that S2 Games or any other organization happens to host for the duration of our cooperation."

US Robert 'Bdiz' Tinnes added:
"I'm a newer guy with the team, and can't speak of the relationship with EG, however I am looking forward to a bright future with the SK Gaming organization. As many of you know, I played for the organization before for quite a long time. SK has always been a very professional and straight forward organization whenever I talked to them in the past about anything, and I'm looking forward to representing SK at LAN events and meeting some of the faces at SK that I know so well!"



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