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SK.LoL announce new line-up

By Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin
Jun 23, 2011 19:38

ImageThe LoL team has a major overhaul.

The SK League of Legends team has decided that after recent results, a change in personal has been in order.

The 4th place finish in the Dreamhack qualifiers was very dissapointing, after being the #1 online team all year we have decided that in order to regain our reputation as the #1 League of Legends team in Europe, a new line-up is in order.

Sadly this means we need to lose some of our faithful players.

At this time we are having to say goodbye to the following members:

FR Franzetti 'Alth0r' Romain
SE Karl 'Farfain' Höjer
DK Asger 'Limelight' Karl
DE Christoph 'nRated' Seitz
DE Johannes 'Severus' Lüder
DE Benjamin 'SleazyWeazy' Hiller

This may seem like alot of players departing but it has been decided that we will shorten our bench to a solid 5.

To this end, i'd like to welcome you to the 3 new SK players who will join our team:

DE Adrian 'Candy Panda' Wübbelmann
BE Tim 'WetDreaM' Buysse
DE Patrick 'Nyph' Funke

We are delighted to pick up BE Tim 'WetDreaM' Buysse who will become our new in-game captain.

After their stunning performances recently for we are happy to welcome possibly the best AD Carry on the server DE Adrian 'Candy Panda' Wübbelmann and an exceptional support player in DE Patrick 'Nyph' Funke.

We can't thank the players who are leaving us enough for their services.

ES Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago has given a statement regarding the changes:

"As you may know, some of the latest results as SK Gaming weren't the best ones preciselly without counting German EPS, and that's something we can't afford to repeat, especially in an organization like SK Gaming, where finishing 2nd is a clear dissapointment.

After this statement, we would like to thank our previous lineup for all the time, efforts and funny moments we spent together; but a change is needed, mainly for our fans, which definitely deserve more victories.

We are happily featuring you this new lineup which will give us the possibility to stick at the top of this game, once again."



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