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Millenium sign French LoL team, aAa

By Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin
Jun 23, 2011 15:01

ImageI asked team captain Kujaa about his team leaving aAa and joining Millenium.

The new Millenium team has been the number 1 French side practically since the start of Season 1 and before.

They continually place well in tournaments, including their recent 2nd place at Dreamhack Summer. The team has now been picked up by the organisation, Millenium.

I grabbed a bit of FR Jerome 'Kujaa' Negrettis time to ask him his thoughts on joining Millenium.

Hello Kujaa, congratulations on the 2nd place at Dreamhack Summer, how did you find the event?

"Well thanks :), we realy wanted that 1st place but 2nd is good. This event was great, realy good job from riot, the computer were realy powerfull ^^, and knowing so many people where watching us was so cool!"

As we all know, you guys have been with aAa since before Season 1, was it a hard decision to leave?

"Yes it was a hard decision to leave, a lot of team asked us to joined them , so we simply checked what was the best option for us :)"

Presumably Millenium made you a very good offer to entice you to join, was there anything they offered in particular which made the final decision for you?

"Well We chosed Millenium for multiple reason :P, there offer was different than the others, and yellowstar (aka psyko wc3) was with them for 1 year, and he only told us good things abvout millenium."

Ah cool, can you name of the other organisations who approached you?

"no :) i prefer to keep that for me :P"

Haha, np.

I see from photos that you guys are pictured wearing the Millenium shirts, was the decision to join made before Dreamhack or while you were there?

"We had necociation befor dh (Offer from Millenium and counter offers from aAa), maby waiting after dh look like a better idear to have more but we realy wanted to have our head clear about it and a little bit more would have made such a difference (we realy wanted to focus the Dreamhack)."

Your team is known to be fairly quiet, for instance we only really see Linak and sOAZ stream and that isn't often. Do you try to stay out of the spotlight deliberately or will you try to get your names out more in the future?

"Well we will try to get our names out for sure, i already started testing streaming yesterday for example. (but i have bad connection so not a great quality). [sic]"

Ah ok, well i know we all hope to see you streaming soon and wish you the best of luck with Millenium. GG once again for the weekend.

You can read the Millenium press release over on their site



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