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By Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström
Jun 22, 2011 13:41

Hey guys, this is RobbaN with one of my infamous blogs after a very successful tournament!

Hello friends!

Here I am, back home after a very exciting Dreamhack Summer 2011 tournament(s).

Of course im really happy that we ended up winning all the three tournaments, even thoough we didn't have time to practice a lot with our recent addition, Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson.
We had a 2 day bootcamp at GeT_RiGhT's place before the event, and it really felt like these two days made us very strong, we played heaps of Counter-Strike and talked a lot with eachother after losing stupid rounds in practice matches. My teams never did this in this manner over the past. So for all of you out there who play CS in a team, always take your time and discuss the rounds after your matches. Trust me. there is no time to get angry during the game, stay focussed all the time. I also feel that our teamplay has increased extremely. On top of that everyone played great individually as well. f0rest and GeT_RiGht played at 150% and made no mistakes, face played like an aimbot (I don't know how he does it), Delpan is a crank AWP monster and at times I even felt like a young NiP-RobbaN- hitting shots that I only was able to do when I was young to the scene. Counter-Strike has never been so much fun.

Now we will have few days break, starting our practice on Sunday again. As a team captain I have to go through all the demos now and look for mistakes that we do as a team and mistakes I do as a strategy caller, in the hopethat we wont do such bad T sides on inferno again :)

Thank you to SteelSeries, Toshiba, Kingston, Sansibar, Bigfoot, CoolIT and Raidcall for making it possible to attend these kind of prestigious events and also huge kudos to everyone that cheered for us - SK Gaming is alive. Your Robert 'SK.RobbaN' Dahlström.

P.S. World Cyber Games South Korea, here we come. :)



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