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DHS2011: IOL Final 4 finalists decided!

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Jun 19, 2011 17:23

Imagefnatic beats TS Gaming, Reason Gaming defeats KD Gaming. 3rd place match at 19:00, Grand Finals at 22:00!

The two finalists of the IOL Final 4 at Dreamhack Summer 2011. have been decided. EU Fnatic and SE Reason Gaming will fight it out at the DreamArena Extreme for the 55,000 SEK prize pool tonight at 22:00 CET!


EU Fnatic 2 - 1 SE TS Gaming
SE Reason Gaming 2 - 0 EU KD-Gaming

TS Gaming started the semifinal series with a 1-0 lead due to DE Jascha 'NoVa_' Markuse showing up late for the match. That didn't intimidate the Dreamhack Winter 2010. champions though, as they collected themselves together and turned it around. The first game, even though fairly close on hero and tower kills, was dominated by fnatic who had a strong experience and gold lead throughout the early to mid game. In the second game TS Gaming thought they pulled out an ace out of their sleeve with a Sand Wraith pick, but nothing went as they planned it and fnatic secured their spot in the Grand finals.

On the other side, Reason Gaming was allowed to pick up one of their favorites in Wildsoul (played by SE Daniel 'giftig' Ivarsson) by KD Gaming, a mistake which has proven to be deadly as they were unable to shut him down during the early stages of the game and thus he was able to take control of the match, as well as freeing up farming space for Corrupted Disciple by DE Dominik 'Black' Reitmeier. There was literally nothing their Torturer played by, possibly the MVP of the tournament up until that moment, SE Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu could do to stop them. In the second game, KD Gaming went for a fairly standard line-up featuring the likes of Aluna and Valkyrie while the Swedes went for an Electrician and, once again, Corrupted Disciple combo. Their in-built tankiness was more than the BYOC qualified team of KD Gaming could handle so Reason Gaming proceeds to the finals with a clean 2-0 score.

Third place match - 18:00 CET

SE TS Gaming vs EU KD-Gaming

Grand Finals - 22:00 CET @ DreamArena Extreme

EU Fnatic vs SE Reason Gaming

Stream -



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