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fisker 1/2: "CPL Winter '05 was the hardest"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jun 15, 2011 19:19

ImageIn this part 1 of this historical interview fisker talks about ahl, losing the 2002 WCG qualifier, how he almost joined NoA and whether the back-to-back CPL titles of 2005.

In this two part historical interview SE SK legend SE Christer 'fisker' Eriksson discusses the different teams he played on and against across a career which included the world's greatest single year run any team had, to that point, ever had. Along with SE ahl he is one of only two people to ever accomplish the feat of twice winning both major CPLs (Summer and Winter) in the same year, 2003 and 2005.

In part one fisker talks about his rise in the competitive scene playing with SE 2easy, the team's transformative period as SE, the departure from SE SK to SE NiP and the return to SK which yielded a brace of CPL titles in 2005.

When did fisker first get to know ahl? What happened to in the final of the 2002 WCG qualifier? What significant factor helped eoL to defeat during the latter part of 2002? What does fisker have to say about former, and less well known, team-mates filur, brunk and ScreaM? What was SpawN's career like prior to joining team9?

Should fisker have had a starting spot in the All-Star NiP team of 2005? How was his move to NoA derailed at the last moment? Why was CPL Summer 2005 the easiest title to win and Winter 2005 the hardest? Would fisker rather SK had played their rivals NiP on a different map, later in the tournament, despite beating them in their upper bracket matchup at CPL Winter 2005?

Part two will be released next Wednesday.



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