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[Rea]Brodholm:"We have a good chance"

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Jun 14, 2011 12:56

ImageIn the second exclusive pre DreamHack Summer 2011. interview, SK Gaming talks to Andreas 'Brodholm' Fredholm of Reason Gaming.

With DreamHack Summer 2011 and it's Heroes of Newerth tournament, the IOL Final Four, less than a week away, SK Gaming sat down with SE Andreas 'Brodholm' Fredholm of SE Reason Gaming to talk about his expectations of the tournament, his team, recent patch changes and a bunch of other topics.

Hello Brodholm! Please introduce yourself to the HoN community and the SK-Gaming crowd.

"Hello! My name is Andreas and I am 22 years old and I live in Sweden, Gothenburg. Right now I am studying to be an electrical engineer. I have a background in playing DotA for many years, although nothing too serious. Before I played with Reason.HoN I played casually with Eresloco and Strangby for several years in both DotA and HoN. Back then I played mostly as a carry/mid player. But that have changed and my main role is now Support/Ganker. Because of that I have had to change my play style quite a bit, but I think that I am getting there."

You've joined the ranks of Reason Gaming 4-5 months ago and since then proven yourself as one of the best support players on the scene. Does it bother you at all that the mid players, the sidelane players or the carries are the ones that get most of the communities attention? Or do you think that's not the case?

"I definitely think that’s the case. But I don’t know if it bothers me that much. I just try and focus on my role. When the support is playing good, everything runs smooth and almost no one takes notice. But it’s when you are playing bad people start noticing that the wards aren’t up and so on. But that’s just the way the game works. So when no one complains, you know that you played good. This is just something you have to accept when playing support."

Reason Gaming's first results came relatively recently in the Fnatic PLAY and SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1, where you placed 3rd and 4th, respectively. How did it feel to finally be recognized by the community and your opponents as a truly high tier team, deserving of a TOP10 spot?

"It always feels good to be recognized, especially by top tier teams and casters. We always knew we had the potential to be a top tier team, but that was the first time it got confirmed. That was probably the moment when we all decided to take our gaming serious and take it to the next level."

In the few most recent tournaments you didn't manage to replicate those results, though. 5th-8th spot finish in GosuCup HoN #1 and you didn't manage to get to the top 16 teams in HoN Super Series and top 8 teams in the ESL Major Series VIII. Do you feel that you underperformed in them or that your previous successful runs were due to you overperforming? Are you confident you'll be out of that slump period in time to do big things on DreamHack Summer 2011.?

"We definitely underperformed in some of these tournaments. And simply put we didn’t really have time to play as much as we wanted to. School and jobs had to be prioritized since we can’t make a living off of playing HoN. That’s just the way it is. But we also met some good teams that knocked us out. Teams like Fnatic, Online Kingdom and Duskbin. Although that’s no excuse, it’s a factor, you will not win against teams like that if you don’t play or practice."

Now, there's been a lot of talk about whether the format of the tournament is a fair one. Yourself and TS-Gaming, as winners of the Swedish only IOL LAN Finals, have been given spots in the semi-finals while a bunch of top teams will have to go through a tough and exhausting BYOC Qualifier, including teams like fnatic, Online Kingdom, KD Gaming, Team unZ and others. How do you feel about the tournament format?

"I’m not sure if I agree with the format, I probably think that qualifying 4 teams would have been better because it guarantees that the best teams met up in the finals. But the fact still stands that we have to beat the team that qualifies in order to get to the finals. The same goes for teams that qualify if the format would have been different. They would probably have ended up playing us in the qualifier eventually.

Although coming out of the BYOC can be exhausting, I think that it is an advantage IF you have actually made it through the BYOC. Just because you are warmed up and have a lot of wins behind you. We are going in playing “Cold” so to speak. But being qualified beforehand also has it perks.

The best team will still win. But the question is if the best teams will compete for the spots in the final? IF we and TS-gaming are to be considered as one of the top four teams at DreamHack, then the format does not matter. Otherwise it does."

Which two teams do you expect to advance through the BYOC Qualifier and which one of them would you rather meet in the semi-finals? What are your chances of defeating them?

"I definitely expect Fnatic to be one of the teams that go through to the semifinals. They are a great team and they have a lot of experience at events like these. So that will definitely be a huge factor for them. The other team that I think will go through is Online Kingdom. They are probably the team I consider to be best right now.

Although I think Online Kingdom is a better team than Fnatic right now, I would still chose to play OK in the semifinals. Just because of the experience Fnatic have at events like this.

I think that we have a good chance to win the whole tournament, and that is definitely what we are aiming at. But everything comes down to very small factors when you play against good teams. So it is very hard to tell who is going to win. But I certainly hope that we will end up on top."

Reason Gaming is regarded as a team that likes to sit back and play the farming game, featuring your favorites Valkyrie and Gladiator, rather than adopting a more aggressive playstyle. Do you agree with that statement? Is that the playstyle you're the most comfortable with? Do you have any aces up your sleeve that you've prepared for DreamHack Summer 2011.?

"Well, I’m not sure if I consider us to be a turtle team. It’s not like we say “lets turtle” when we are picking. The problem is that we usually make some mistakes in the lanes so we have no option to play defensive or we lose the game. We are often behind in the beginning and then take over the game the further it progresses.

But what we lack in lanes we make up for in team fights. I would consider us to be one of the best teams when it comes down to team fights.

If we have any aces up our sleeve? Well, you will just have to wait and see :P"

In the recent video interview Marc "Maliken" DeForest announced a "competitive circuit unlike anything eSport has seen before with a massive prize pool". What do you think it is? What do you think the competitive scene needs the most in order to develop?

"I don’t really know, but I hope it is matchmaking more adapted so you can sign with your team and chose who to play. Like the clan scrim channels, but implemented into the game. That would be perfect for scrims."

The recent 2.0.35. patch brought some fairly significant changes, particularly to the map. The "Secret Shop" was removed and replaced with "The Observatory" and the Kongor area has been overhauled. What impact, if any, do you think those changes will have on how the game is played?

"It’s probably too early to tell, but even small changes will impact the play more than most people think. The Kongor area will definitely have an impact. If it is better than before, I don’t know. "

Alright, thanks for your time. The last question, as always, is reserved for you. Any last comments or shoutouts you'd like to make?

"No problem at all! I would like to shootout to Reason Gaming and our sponsors: Razer, Sapphire, gamersuniform and VeryGames. Without them we would not be where we are now."

SE Reason Gaming roster:
SE Daniel 'giftig' Ivarsson
SE Carl-Philip 'strangby' Strängby
SE Tobias 'eresloco' Everhorn
SE Mattias 'Noworries' Larsson
SE Andreas 'Brodholm' Fredholm
SE Tobias 'Hmmpz' Sundequist
DE Dominik 'Black' Reitmeier

Stay tuned to SK Gaming as we bring you an interview per day in anticipation of DreamHack Summer 2011.!



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