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Cristiano811 wins last PES offline tournament

By Daniel 'Bragiera' Bragi
Jun 10, 2011 17:41

ImageWith the "partner tourney", the official PES league hosted their last offline tourney of the season 2010/2011 in Wuppertal, Germany.

Even though Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel was confident he had qualified for the German mastership final, he wanted also to ensure some season ranking points. The €150 prize money for the 1st place was also motivation to reach first place.

After Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel won both group stages, he had to fight through the K.O. phase.

Here are the results:

1/8 Final
Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel vs. Sascha 'MAGIANO Wisosa' Wiesner 1:1|1:0

1/4 Final

Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel vs. Serdar 'S 26' Ucar 2:1|3:3

At the semi-final Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel had to play against the aktuall german PES 2010 champion mouz wiDe.

1/2 Final

Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel vs. Dennis 'mouz wiDe' Winkler 2:1|3:2

At the Final, Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel had to play also against a mouz player.


Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel vs. Mike 'mouz El Matador' Linden 0:1|5:2


Therefore Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel not only won the prestige match aginst mouz wiDe and mouz El Matador, he could face also the 3rd place of the overall ranking and €150 for the 1st place.



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