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HotBid Interviews Idra

By Jeffrey 'RavenWolf' Rossi
Jun 7, 2011 08:07

ImageThe infamous Hot_Bid of Team chats with Evil Genius's Idra and his new girlfriend.

In the heat of the moment at MLG Columbus, the infamous Hot_Bid of Team took a few moments to don his aviator shades and do a very amusing interview of Evil Geniuses own Gregory 'IdrA' Fields that should leave many fans laughing at the infamous trolling of Hot_Bid.

Having talked with the man in person at this past MLG, he was in top form throughout the interview, making jabs at Idra's well known "imbalance" comments and also introducing his new girlfriend to the audience with comments about "green card" marriages.

If you want a good laugh and want to get a bit of an insider's look at the legendary troll Hot_Bid in action then go check out this video interview when you have some time and enjoy the show.

Source: Hot_Bid Interviews EGIdra and His Girlfriend



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