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mousesports conquer EPS once more

By Mark 'XOXOmark' Emmerson
Jun 5, 2011 18:08

Imagemousesports have once again conquered the ESL Pro Series Germany, this time after defeating ESC Gaming with a score of 2:1 in the grand finals.

DE mousesports have once again conquered the ESL Pro Series Germany, defeating DE ESC Gaming de to claim their 7th consecutive first place EPS finish as well as their 12th EPS title. As a result, mouz will go home with a €10,000 ($~14,600) prize while ESC Gaming will bank €5,000 ($~7,300).

EPS Summer Season 2011 final standings:

1. DE mousesports - €10,000 ($~14,600)
2. DE ESC Gaming de - €5,000 ($~7,300)
3. DE hardware4u
5-8. DE myRevenge e.V.
5-8. DE Stofftiere Online e.V.
5-8. DE TBH.eSports

After missing the Summer League Cup finals due to exam preparation, DK Finn 'karrigan' Andersen was reunited with mousesports for the grand finals the EPS Summer Season 2011

The match began on de_dust2 with ESC Gaming totally dominating the first half of map as CTs, taking a massive 13:02 lead before swapping sides with the bewildered mouz. Although mouz managed to pickup six rounds on their CT side, ESC and their improved tactics proved all too much for their opponents and as a result ESC were able to take the first map, which was a shock for many, with a score of 16:8

On the second map, de_tuscan, mouz came out of their shell and crushed almost every push made by the ESC terrorists, slapping a 12:3 score onto the scoreboard at the end of the first half. When the teams swapped sides, mouz picked up the four rounds that they needed in order to take the map without too much difficulty. de_tuscan ended with a score of 16:6 in favor of mouz.

With the scores now all tied up, both teams moved onto the final map, de_train, in what would be a disappointing finish to the season. mouz began on the CT side of the map and almost whitewashed ESC, taking 14 out of the 15 rounds of the half. When the roles reversed, mouz took the opening pistol to bring the game into match point. Surprisingly however, ESC still had some fight left in them and after losing the first pistol round managed to win the second round with just deagles while mouz had AKs in hand. After taking the third round, ESCs luck ran out and as a result mouz finished off the map with a 16:2 score to end the season.

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