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Interview with Ocelote from SK.LoL

By Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin
Jun 3, 2011 14:24 have interviewed our very own Ocelote asking him about Dreamhack and more..

After the disappointing weekend for SK.LoL last weekend and the prospect of the ESL Pro Series final this weekend, Dasnacht from chose the perfect time to interview our SK Gaming player, ES Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago.

Notes: All questions posed by Dasnacht. Interview was done in German and translated, interview left in original format for authenticity so spelling/grammar errors will exist.

dasnacht: Let's get right into it: Last weekend didn't seem like the best for your team. Some games didn't go very well and your couldn't qualify for the season one finals in Sweden, although you were seeded first in that qualification tournament. Was that a big upset to you?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: Definitely it was.
Think about all the work and hours of trainning we spent on getting that overall rank 1, and ruinning it in two days of bad gameplay definitely wasn't a good result.

We all guess that the best option would've been that First and Second seeded just go directly to DreamHack, and maybe the others fight for the last spot, but there's nothing we can do about that now."

dasnacht: Especaly the games versus gamed!de were very close. Do you think you and your team made any critical mistakes in the deciding one?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: We made lots of mistakes; died one by one in multiple situations and we didn't even have an agressive playstyle like we usually do.

Our lanes failed so hard, our calls weren't the bests and our setups definitely had NOTHING in common with the setups we used to train for 2 months.

In general, my bet is that we lost this qualifier because we tried to counter the enemy too much, and that meant that some of us would need to play roles that we weren't used to."

dasnacht: How did you feel, after you lost to fnatic and you knew you wont go to DreamHack?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: uhm
is this a question for me, individually, or for the team in general?"

dasnacht: individually

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: I got no words to describe how I felt in that momment.

I'm just not used to lose, it may sound a bit strange, but it's like that; and losing one of the bests opportunitys of the year to show our fans that we're in the top was the worst that could happen.

Everything went to my mind, leaving the team and joinning another top team, leaving the game, going away for 2 weeks... but finally I just taken the decission of staying here, in SK Gaming, train, improve, and get there the next year. There will be way more tournaments this year, and some of them will have the same importance as this one for sure."

dasnacht: I hope so. It would be an real upset, if you would quit because of something like that. By the way: is there a special rivalry between your team and fnatic, like many in the community consider?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: First of all, I'm pretty sure that nothing like this would make me leave the game, due to the fact that I just don't give up, never; but in such momments it's quite logic that inmature thinks reach your mind.

About Fnatic and us... We are probably the two teams that have better relationship between eachother.

That Wickd conversation with one of their members was obviously for fun; too bad I couldn't screen their answers to see what I'm talking about :)

In CEBIT 2011 (Intel Extreme Masters) everyone could see that our relationship couldn't just be better. Every night we went to eat and speak in the rooms together! (got photos to verify that ;))"

dasnacht: And inside the competition? Your two teams are competing for the best spots in most of the turnaments. Is there any special motivation when you're competing with them in a match?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: Ofcourse there is. This is why SK Gaming vs Fnatic LoL matches are called "El clásico", taking as reference the Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona matches.

Overall, we are the two teams with most fans and followers over the world, normally we're seeded 1# and 2# in every tournament; something that makes more interested facing eachother in the Grand Final.

The motivation we got is basicly the fact that Fnatic and SK were always compiting for the top spots in many games; something that without any doubt reaches LoL aswell."

dasnacht: Back to the qualifieres. Do you think the backlash of losing here will affect the performance of your team at saturday at the EPS Finals?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: Yes, it will; but it will affect in a positive way.
Our motivation went to the top after losing this.

Now it's not an option, now... We have to demonstrate our fans that we are still there, compiting to win the bests offline events over the world."

dasnacht: Are there special preperations for saturday?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: 5v5 Trainnings, 3v3 Trainnings, Raidcall* meetings with the whole team and so on."

dasnacht: Any special tactics? ;)

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: YES! but u'll have to wait for Saturday to see those ;)"

dasnacht: We'll be looking forward to it. So your team combined players from many different countries. Don't you have any problems with the communication?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: Everyone of us is used to talk in English, so there's no problem with that."

dasnacht: What do you think about your opponents from Competo Sports? Are you very confident of winning that final match?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: Competo is one of the best European teams by far, that's why they reached the Grand offline Final.

They got many top players like DE Carl 'ForellenLord' Lückmann, knew everywhere from being one of the bests players of the world by far.

They are equal to us in terms of skill and teamplay, aswell as trainning; so I bet that we will have really interesting matches this weekend.

But our confidence at the momment is just too high and we won't accept anything else than winning."

dasnacht: SK Gaming is a really a name in the European League of Legends scene. How does it feel to perform for such a big organisation?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: SK Gaming is probably the most known gaming Organization, and compiting under these Tag is such a honor and a pleasure.

I feel like the relationship between my team and the SK Gaming's management can't be better; I hope we renew a good deal with them soon :)"

dasnacht: Let's talk a bit about League of Legends at its whole. What do you like about the game? Are there special things you dislike or that could be better in your oppinion?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: The game is just perfect like it is at the momment. Ofcourse there are things to improve, but if millions of people already play this game and tons of tournaments are comming out there should be a reason.

But what I don't like at this momment is : Europe has definitely taken the advantage over NA in terms of gameplay, and I really feel like Europe should be a bit more decisive in the game balancement part.
Also, this game really NEEDS the pause mode."

dasnacht: What about the balancing? Did riot make a good job here or are there things that are clearly imbalanced?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: They are doing it pretty good overall, but sometimes they don't realise how overpowered is a hero in comparison to the others until everyone makes it really clear."

dasnacht: But they listen to the players? How fast do they react when some of the pro-level players are complaining over something?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: Prefer to don't answer that, 'cos I don't have that information exactly."

dasnacht: Alright then.The tactical formular for most of the competitive games is ap-carry mid, ad carry like Ashe or Miss Fortune plus support bot, a jungler and a solo lane top. Do you think that other strategies will be able to establish theirselvse as the game develops?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: For sure.
The game changes a bit everytime a patch appears, and the people improves every day, and that means that new strategies come out really fast."

dasnacht: What do you think about Warwick respectively Lanewick at top, like Wickd played him several times last weekend. Is he really as strong as it seemed?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: Warwick top is probably the most overpowered champion of the whole game."

dasnacht: The latest hero Riot came up with is Orianna. Will she be a hero you should consider in the future in competitive games?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: Preciselly at this momment I'm seeing an American stream, where that hero is being played, and from what I've seen, she's not even close to be viable."

dasnacht: Why do you think so?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: I didn't play the hero by myself, that's why I cannot ensure you anything, but it seems that the ap ratios are just too low for an AP hero, and her abilities aren't really useful when being played as support"

dasnacht: What do you think of riot's habit to realease champion after champion all three to four weeks?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: If they manage to to balance everything, it's fine. I love playing and facing new heroes!"

dasnacht: Your personal favorite League of Legends hero is?

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: Akali. :))))"

dasnacht: Okay. That's all. Thank you for taking the time for this interview. It was a real pleasure to me. And good luck for saturday! :)

"ocelote Carlos Rodriguez: The pleasure is mine, don't forget following my team trainning and getting better in my stream."



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