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MLG Adds Final Koreans

By Jeffrey 'RavenWolf' Rossi
Jun 2, 2011 08:03

ImageMLG adds two more Koreans as one of the original Korean invites has visa issues.

Great news to wake up to the day before MLG Columbus is about to begin. After a long and arduous journey through CSN's "Clash of the Houses" Sung-Jun 'July' Park has emerged victorious after an amazing Bo5 match against Young Seo 'TaeJa' Yoon that went the full distance.

But hold your horses as MLG has been faced with a small setback followed by a very quick and awesome resolution. Fans of Choi Ji 'Bomber' Sung will be disappointed as an unfortunate misunderstanding about the status of his passport will prevent him from attending MLG Columbus this weekend.

But all is not lost as MLG went into crisis mode and went to a very well-known name to save face and make this event even better. In a last minute decision the organization decided to replace Bomber with the extremely well known and, more importantly, already cleared for travel, .

This is a great move by MLG to make up for the lack of such a huge fan favorite by replacing him with another. Now the world will have a chance to see just what oGsMC can do in the North American LAN scene for the first time.

StarCraft 2 at MLG begins this Friday at 23:15 CET with Pool play being streamed for our enjoyment. SK will be live on the floor and giving updates as soon as they are available and player interviews as time permits. See you there!

Source: oGsMC and July to MLG Columbus



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