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Blizzard Unveils Heart of the Swarm

By Jeffrey 'RavenWolf' Rossi
May 31, 2011 20:02

ImageAfter much anticipation, Blizzard officially reveals the upcoming expansion to Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, for their eager fans.

The long and eager wait is over as Blizzard has officially unveiled the beginnings of what the next expansion to StarCraft 2:Wings of Liberty will look like.

While Blizzard specifically limited the discussion on this new game to only the Single Player aspects of the game, the various concepts discussed were nonetheless intriguing and showcased some possible options for the Zerg race as far as alternative units go, including a charge-like upgrade for zerglings and big banelings that split into smaller banelings as they take damage or return minerals and gas upon successful detonation.

Blizzard did confirm that the multiplayer additions to Heart of the Swarm would be revealed come Blizzcon in the Fall, and that the new expansion (which is going to be priced as an expansion) will feature new units and maps for multiplayer.

In somewhat of a departure from the original announcement of the trilogy of StarCraft 2, Blizzard also confirmed that in order to play Heart of the Swarm, at least if you are in North America or Europe, you will be required to have Wings of Liberty on your account to play.

While somewhat disappointing considering the original announcement of standalone expansions, with Heart of the Swarm being priced "as an expansion" it should come as a welcome relief to those already wondering what the pricing for the remaining games would be like in this still troubled economy.

Regardless, the Single-player playthroughs available to the testers were quite interesting expeditions indeed, with Kerrigan being a featured component on every single map, and the brief storylines that were revealed leaving even more questions than answers.

Team Liquid's full playthrough and impressions of the single-player reveal of Heart of the Swarm can be found in the source document. So get reading, there's tons more info for your eager reading eyes to enjoy.

Source:'s Heart of the Swarm Single Player Reveal



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