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dennis: "going to fight my way into some team!"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
May 25, 2011 15:49

ImageFormer SK Gaming stand-in dennis spoke to fragbite, in a short interview, about his thoughts and feelings upon being released from SK.

In the wake of his trial period with SE SK Gaming coming to an end and being released prior to the Swedish WCG qualifier former player SE Dennis 'dennis' Edman gave a short interview to fragbite concerning his thoughts about the move.

How he feels about being released:

"Hey! Well it feels alright considering I was only a "standin" during the time when allen had other plans. It's a bit sad though since the boys are really nice! I'm going to miss the late cozy nights! :)"

Whether he thinks he did a good job in SK:

"That can be discussed! Some matches you do a great job, some you don't. CS is so random, even a "lesser" player can do a great job with some luck and flow. "

If professional gaming is something he sees himself being a part of in the future:

"Yeah of course! I think CS is so much fun! And damn it, I'm going to fight my way into some team! ;)"

dennis was brought in as a stand-in for SK Gaming shortly before the IEM V World Championships and the team went on to place 4th overall, including winning a stacked Group B. In April he played as the team's 5th at the Xperia PLAY tournament, for which they had won's Prelude tournament, and finished 2nd after a loss to FX at 5am.

Source: fragbite



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