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lurppis' mailbag awaits questions

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
May 12, 2011 00:39

ImageWrite in to lurppis' mailbag and he will pick out the best questions to answer in-depth at SK Gaming.

In a new regular feature at SK Gaming FI Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen will be opening his mailbag to users of the site to send in their questions they'd like to see answered in-depth by the former in-game leader of US EG and FI hoorai/69N-28E/Roccat. The Finn will then select the best questions and publish in-depth answers to them via an article at SK Gaming.

lurppis has led the top teams in Finland and America for a collective period of six years in total, winning over $300,000 with his sides. During that time he finished top three at IEM, WCG, Arbalet, WSVG, CPL, DreamHack, Kode5, NGL ONE, ASUS, GameGune, ESEA and Beat It events. He has also commentated professional tournaments for ESL-TV.

How do you send lurppis your question?

Email with your question.

What can you ask him about?

Anything Counter-Strike or esports related. Perhaps you have a question about a current top team's performance? Perhaps you'd like to know how to run a specific strategy for your own team? Maybe you need some tips on how to effectively setup some of your hardware for gaming? Could be that you always wondered how lurppis used a specific player in his past teams?

Q: Will PL FX beat UA Na`Vi in a major event in the next six months?
Q: What is the key to performing a slow push at B on inferno?
Q: How do you effectively see through smoke on a TFT?
Q: Did you do anything special to make use of US n0thing when you played for US EG?
Q: Will esports ever been a fully televised sport like football or hockey?
Q: Who is the most underrated Finnish player of all time?

Whatever your question do your best to phrase it as coherently as possible and submit it to lurppis' mailbag and it might end up being featured in an upcoming edition of his answers.



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