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Be Ready... Starcraft II Open Season 1

By Eleine 'Eleine' Sun
May 11, 2011 05:11

ImageStarcraft II Open Season I is an 11 day long tournament organized and cast from Bangkok, Thailand where 32 players will compete for $500 to $50,000 USD of prize money (a total of over $100,000 USD). A medium quality free stream and an HD stream as well as VODs will be available for those who purchase a season ticket.

Another Starcarft II tournament with a massive prize pool of over $100,000 USD has been announced: the Starcraft II Open Season 1. The tournament will be organized and cast from Bangkok, Thailand with a live audience studio, although the players will play online. 32 players will be selected from those who sign up and play over the course of 11 days, broadcast live between August 8th and August 19th.
Sign ups for the tournament will begin May 15th—any progamer is free to sign up for the tournament but the final 32 players will be selected from the sign ups in June. The final tournament will be Single Elimination 32 Player format with random seeding. In addition to the tournament matches, 2 showmatches between players the audience most want to see will be broadcast.

The primary sponsor and host of the tournament, eSport TV Thailand, wishes to differentiate their event from others by including an unprecedented amount of viewer interaction—the audience will affect the players in the 2 showmatches while subscribers will be able to win random prizes, including coaching lessons and gift vouchers.
"We want to make our event special. That means we want to involve the viewers. During the Tournament we will have votes, questions or just random viewers selected and awarded with vouchers or SC2 Coaching Sessions. - Sascha Modersitzki, CEO of eSport TV Thailand"

The tournament will have a standard league format with a free, medium quality, ad supported live stream, while HD streaming and VODs will require a Season 1 Ticket. The HD and VOD service will cost $9.99 and there are potentially plans for a slightly more expensive 3D service. Since is banned in some countries, eSport TV Thailand has chosen Advection as a streaming host in order to provide the most globally accessible service.

According to the SC2 Open Season 1 Twitter Feed, world renowned team Incredible Miracle is confirmed to play. Benji, a top caster for a multitude of games in the Southeast Asia community, has been hired to cast the program (more casters are being recruited as well).

Expect more news about this tournament to be announced in the coming months as player sign ups and other specifics are arranged.

Season 1 Prize Money Distribution:

1st Place 50,000US$

2nd Place 25,000US$

3rd & 4th Place 8,000US$

5th to 32nd Place 500US$

Starcraft II Open Season 1
eSport TV Thailand



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