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'Designed by gamers' mouse - winner decided

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
May 10, 2011 15:00

ImageThe winning design of SteelSeries 'Designed by Gamers: Mouse1.1' competition has been decided. The mouse will be released in late 2011.

Today SteelSeries announced the winner of their 'Designed by Gamers: Mouse1.1' mouse design competition, deciding the colour scheme of the next SteelSeries gaming mouse. The campaign began in April with eight colour design options and now, three weeks and 100,000+ votes later, the winning design is known for the mouse which will be released in late 2011.

From the SteelSeries site:

"The winning mouse design colors will be orange, black, and gray. It will feature an orange illuminated scroll wheel and a double-braided orange/black nylon cord. Additional features will be announced closer to product availability later this year. The campaign concluded with a total of 10 participant winners, who took home their chosen gaming kits, which included headsets, keyboards, mice, mousepads, and glasses, as well as one grand prize winner who took home a new Shuttle® H7 PC, provided by Shuttle® Computers."


Source: SteelSeries



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