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elemeNt 3/3: "[Na`Vi]'s timing is perfect"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
May 10, 2011 07:25

ImageCPL Summer 2003 MVP elemeNt talks about playing for mouz, helping MYM to a CPL final, WCG '08 with cbteam and what he thinks of Na`Vi.

In this lengthy three part video interview the legendary NO Ola 'elemeNt' Moum, MVP of CPL Summer 2003, discusses his illustrious career and some of the great names he battled with and against. One part will be released every four days until the series has been completed.

In part three elemeNt talks about the latter part of his career: playing for DE mouz in Germany in 2006, helping his countrymen in NO MYM get to a CPL final in 2007 and returning from retirement to place top four at WCG 2008 with a NO cbteam mix.

What was the biggest problem for elemeNt in DE mouz? Why did he move to NO MYM? Why does he simultaneously say NO MYM "weren't that skilled" yet also describe them as the "best Norwegian team since eoL"? How close was NO cbteam to winning a medal at WCG '08 and how were they able to manage that as a mixteam? What does elemeNt think of UA Na`Vi and how do they stack up against the all time great teams?

Asked about players who didn't get their deserved level of recognition which player does elemeNt compare to a defender in football? What kind of qualities would an element-like player possess? What was elemeNt's situation in terms of playing at Copenhagen Games? Which actor would play the Norwegian in the movie of his life?

(All three parts can be found at this channel)



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