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GSL May Code S Finals Preview

By Eleine 'Eleine' Sun
May 11, 2011 23:02

ImageThe Final match of the GSL May Code S is approaching and it is as highly anticipated as ever. Every season seems to feature a returning champion and this season does not disappoint with a PvZ match between oGsInca and GSL Season 2 winner IMNesTea.

The GSL May Code S Final will be played and broadcast live this Saturday at 8:10 CET. GSL Season 2 winner and world top zerg KR Jae-Duck 'NesTea' Lim will be facing off against the superb protoss KR Jun Hyuk 'InCa' Song, famed for his dominance in the PvP match up. The spectacle is not one to be missed as both players have had exciting games and displayed brilliant tactics this season.
This code S season has been both electrifying and surprising--titans have risen and gods of the Starcraft II arena have fallen, a seemingly repeating pattern from GSL March. In GSL March we saw the unfortunate fall of KR Jong Hyeon 'MVP' Jung, formerly the world's top terran, Code S and World Championship winner, to Code A. This season we saw the shocking drop of world best protoss and possibly best player, KR , winner of 2 GSL seasons and the recent Dreamhack Invitational, drop to the Up/Down Matches. Whilst in GSL March oGsMC became the first repeat winner of GSL, this season we see Season 2 winner IMNestea in the finals once again after a difficult bracket and several incredible series.

Map Pool

Xel'Naga Caverns
Terminus SE
Crossfire SE
Tal'Darim Altar LE
Dual Sight

After making it out of the Code S group stage with two wins over SE Jonathan 'Jinro' Walsh, IMNestea faced off against an impressive bracket—in the very first round IMNestea defeated GSL Season 1 winner KR Won Ki 'FruitDealer' Kim before disassembling protoss KR Jung Hwan 'Anypro' Lee. IMNestea's series against KR Seung-Chul 'sC' Kim was nothing short of spectacular and holds the title of most dramatic series this season, lighting twitter and forums aflame during its live broadcast. IMNestea also boasts a nearly impossibly high win rate against protoss of 81.25% (13-3) in GSL history.

IMNestea's position in this GSL Final is both intersting and precarious: the world's top zerg player has long complained of imbalance in the game, both in terms of protoss being overpowered and zerg somewhat underpowered. If IMNestea wins this GSL Final, he could show the world that he is able to overcome notoriously difficult odds, but also risk sending a message that contrary to his claims zerg balance is not an issue when backed by skill and ruin any chances of Blizzard bandaging the issues he claims to exist.
oGsInca braved a group with GSL March finalist KR Sung-Jun 'July' Park, KR Seo-Yong 'Rain' Park, and CA Chris 'HuK' Loranger, making it out 2-1 after losing to TSL_Rain but coming back with a rematch win over him and a win over foreigner LiquidHuk. In the code S bracket oGsInca took out KR Park Joon 'Virus' Yong in round one, a formidable terran, followed by Brood War pro and "Tae Kwan Do Toss" KR Sang-Ho 'Killer' Shin. oGsInca's most impressive feat this season is undoubtedly his surprising 3-0 upset over Golden Mouse winner KR Yoon-Yeol 'NaDa' Lee with three clever one base all in strategies, although he transitioned into a macro game after a failed all in on his third attempt.

oGsInca has a much less impressive GSL history against zerg players, however. Against zerg in GSL, oGsInca has a record of 0-4: literally the highest possible contrast to IMNestea's 81.25% record. IMNestea has said in his interview that he is worried oGsInca will be too easy of an opponent to be in the GSL finals and be unable to produce a close and exciting series. oGsInca will have teammate and formerly indomitable KR coaching him for the match up, but his style of cheesy, all-in tactics have a history of failure against safest-of-the-safe player IMNestea. oGsInca has shown moments of high skill in late game play however, and can be expected to once again pull out new tricks for the finals.

GSL Finals have had a short history of being somewhat disappointing, but the match up between IMNestea, lauded as the world's smartest zerg with an exceptionally safe playstlye, and oGsInca, known for success in the PvP match up and creative, daring play, has high potential for an exciting series. The two players' styles can be expected to mesh in very dynamic ways. Tune in on May 14th to catch the always exciting PvZ match up with two masters of their respective races. Many have predicted the series to end 4-2 in IMNestea's favor with very few expecting oGsInca to take the final.





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