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GSL May Code A Finals (Spoilers)

By Eleine 'Eleine' Sun
May 7, 2011 15:51

ImageThe GSL May Code A Final between Startale_Bomber and IncredibleMiracle_mvp was perhaps the best TvT series in GSL history. ST_Bomber took the series decisively 4-2, a major upset against one of the best Starcraft II players in the world.

On May 6th, 11:10 AM CET the GSL May Code A finals astounded its massive audience with one of the best TvT series of matches in the history of the Global Starcraft League. The match was between KR Choi Ji 'Bomber' Sung and KR Jong Hyeon 'MVP' Jung, with ST_Bomber expected to be the underdog despite displaying top tier play this season—living up to his long time top 10 ranking dominance on the Korean ladder. IMmvp has been considered one of the best players in the world: up until these finals, IMmvp was indisputably the world's best terran, with a GSL January and World Championship win, both over terran player KR Jung-Hoon 'MarineKing' Lee, under his belt. Despite IMmvp's past TvT success, ST_Bomber played incredibly well and took the match with a 4-2 upset using a mix of macro and all in builds.

"It feels amazing to have gotten through the qualifiers for the First time and get all the way here to take the win. My original goal was to qualify for the Super tournament, but I am extremely happy that I was able to win and even take out MVP to do so."

Interview with ST_Bomber

IMmvp has a long established GSL career, with 46 wins, 17 losses, and a win rate of 81% against terran (before the Code A finals). ST_Bomber was unable to make it past the unbelievably difficult Code A qualifiers for many seasons and has only 11 wins an 4 losses in his GSL career, with a 67% win rate against terran. The world expected IMmvp to win, perhaps even by a landslide, but ST_Bomber also has an excellent record against terran, defeating KR Hye Joon 'Jjun' Jung, KR Seong Won 'MMA' Mun, and KR Kim Dong 'Ryung' Won on his way to the code A finals. IMmvp did not play any terran in this season of GSL, defeating KR Doh-Kyung 'Lure' Kim (Protoss), KR Doh-Hyung 'Min' Hwang (Zerg), and KR Kim 'viOlet' Dong Hwan (Zerg) to reach the finals.

ImageThe series was surprisingly varied and exciting, trouncing the boring reputation of the TvT match up. IMmvp defeated ST_Bomber on GSL Crossfire by demonstrating his multitasking abilities: in the middle of a heated fight at his natural IMmvp sent blue flame hellions into ST_Bomber's base and devastated ST_Bomber's economy. St_Bomber took game 2 on Crevasse after a standard but intense and action-filled macro game where he continuously managed to out-macro and out-upgrade IMmvp. ST_Bomber made a very risky move with a marine, siege tank, SCV all-in on the macro heavy map Terminus RE which paid off as IMmvp was caught out of position, losing every single SCV. In close positions by air on Metalopolis however, IMmvp was able to thwart ST_Bomber's banshee while sieging outside of his opponent's base and take out some crucial production structures, dropping MULEs as he took the win.

"Other than my round of 16 match, I have had only TvTs throughout this tournament. Because I was able to play so many TvTs, right now, I have a great feel for that matchup. MVP only played TvT in the semifinals, so I feel like I was definitely at an advantage coming Into this match."

In game 5 on Tal'darim Altar ST_Bomber moved in with a decisive marine marauder push (supplemented with SCVs) and was able to almost take out IMmvp's natural expansion before forcing him to gg. The knowledge that, with a few SCVs in the push, he had a small timing window to kill IMmvp captures ST_Bomber's superb game sense. ST_Bomber played beautifully in a macro game on Xel'Naga Fortress, outplaying IMmvp at every turn with sucessful drops and tank marine engagements, eventually taking out IMmvp's third base and proceeding to win their next battle momentously.

ST_Bomber may be lauded as the top terran player in the world after defeating one of the most accomplished players in Starcraft II with such a myriad of strategies. His group for the Up & Down Matches will consist of KR June 'Lyn' Park and KR Sang Cheol 'Ensnare' Kim (whose game against SE Jonathan 'Jinro' Walsh is still the longest game in GSL history). IMmvp chose KR Seo-Yong 'Rain' Park and KR Sung Je 'RainBOw' Kim. Their performances in both the final and other Code A matches this season bode well for both players' chances of attaining (or re-attaining, for IMmvp) prestigious Code S status in their Up & Down Match groups, both of which will occur on May 12th.

GomTV Code A Final
GomTV Up & Down Match Groups



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