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elemeNt 2/3: GoL, eoL, SK.swe and NoA

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
May 6, 2011 22:38

ImageelemeNt talks about the arguably overrated eoL, the Nordic All-Star GoL, the dominant SK.swe, NoA and whether he ever had beef with XeqtR.

In this lengthy three part video interview the legendary NO Ola 'elemeNt' Moum, whose play was vital to his teams winning over $339,800 in prize money, discusses his illustrious career and some of the great names he battled with and against. One part will be released every four days until the series has been completed.

In part two elemeNt discusses the most famous teams he played on: the infamous NO eoLithic, the NODKFISE GameonLine team which represented four Nordic countries, the dominant SE SK.swe of 2003 and the NOUSCA NoA team which was the first CS team to ever win a CPL event from the lower bracket.

Do people overrate the eoLithic team featuring elemeNt, DarK and XeqtR? Was there anything to the elemeNt vs. XeqtR beef? How did a GoL team featuring players from four different countries manage to place 2nd at CPL? Why does elemeNt pick that GoL team's finals performance as the moment he would go back in time and change?

Was SK.swe the greatest team elemeNt ever played for? Why did elemeNt leave top teams at their peaks? What behind the scenes arrangement with team managers, unknown to the public, contributed some of elemeNt's criticism from the public? How was NoA able to harness the European and North American styles effectively? What does elemeNt think of HeatoN's claim that SK.swe would have beaten NoA if they'd attended CPL Winter 2004?



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