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fragbite's 'walle - career' part 2 (in Swedish)

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
May 1, 2011 04:10

ImageThe story of the career of former SK Gaming player walle continues in another historical article from fragbite in Swedish. Go from 2004 to 2005.

Those with fluency in the Swedish language can read the second part of fragbite's historical article about the career of former SK Gaming player SE Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg, entitled "walle - Karriären". fragbite takes the reader from 2004 to 2005


"I finalen blev det ett återseende av NoA, som både walle och Bullen vid det här laget var välbekanta med. Trots att man kom från Winner Bracket och således endast behövde vinna en karta för att kamma hem de 30 000 dollar som en förstaplats innebar blev elemeNt, XeqtR och resten av NoA-laget en för tuff uppgift för de ditills dominerande svenskarna."

Translated via google translate:

"In the finals, it was a reunion of Noah, who both Wall and Bullen by now were familiar with. Despite coming from Winner Bracket and therefore only needed to win a map to win the 30 000 dollars as a first place meant became elements, XeqtR and the rest of the NoA team for a tough task for the ditills dominant Swedes."

Part one can be found here.

Source: fragbite



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