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SteelSeries: 1on1 with IdrA

By Radoslav 'Tyrael' Kolev
Apr 30, 2011 16:35

ImageSteelSeries has published an extensive article about Greg "IdrA" Fields, following the professional life story of one of the best Zergs in the Western world.

SteelSeries are bringing an article that follows the story of one of the most renowned players in the StarCraft pro-scene US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields. The american sat tête-à-tête with the SteelSeries crew to tell how he started his pro-gaming career, how did moving to Korea and playing in a professional team influence him and how did he came to win the reputation he still carries.

Idra begins his story with his departure to Korea and joining the professional BroodWar team eSTRO. It is then when the macro terran first faces the peculiarities and difficulties of being a professional player in Korea.

"The only thing that really got to me [out here] was the social isolation. You're living with a bunch of guys but you can't easily communicate with them and everybody is just playing constantly. So you're barely interacting."

With the coming of StarCraft 2, though, Greg's professional life has changed quite a lot due to different schedules and also the nature of the pro-scene as well. IdrA discusses the current situation in depth and also mentions the growth of the foreign community in Korea.

"The group of foreigners in eSports over here is growing and will be growing even more in the future with more players coming over. Which is really nice, because before it was just me, Artosis and Tasteless."

Of course, one cannot talk in detail about IdrA without throwing a word about his ways of expressing opinion about the game and his opponents. Although he acknowledges the fact, IdrA does think that it is blown out of proportion.

"Honestly I think it's largely overblown stuff based on reputation. I mean, I do get mad when I lose games, and occasionally when I lose in a particular stupid fashion - like the games versus Masq or Silver or whatever, I will tell my opponents what I think of them. And then those go up on YouTube because HD and Husky need an excuse to draw viewers, and then everyone sees that and it just circles around since I already have that reputation."




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