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ACON4 World Finals

By 'd1ngdong'
Jun 6, 2004 12:11

The ACON4 World Finals are upon us, and attending this LAN event in Shanghai, China are 18 of the world's best Warcraft III players. Big names like aT-Deadman and 4K.Grubby are in attendance, but also, three members of the Schroet Kommando Warcraft 3 squad are competing as well. SK.Sweet, SK.FaTC, and SK.HeMaN are all participating. On to the results! Note: Tournament was played using single-elimination format. Quarter-Final Games: mTw-Wizard [ 2:1 ] mTw-Tak3r YolinY.SuhO [ 2:0 ] 4K.Grubby aT-Deadman aka apm70 [ 2:0 ] Toey SK.Sweet [ 2:0 ] SK.FatC Obviously, the biggest surprise here was 4K.Grubby's loss to the Chinese Night-Elf player YolinY.SuhO. Grubby was a favorite to win this tournament. YolinY.SuhO must have lots of energy, playing in his home country, and now knowing that he can compete with the best players in the world. An mTw grudge match took place between the two teammates, Wizard from the United States and Tak3r from Germany. Wizard defeat him, but has a hard task in the semi-final when he plays YolinY.SuhO. aT-Deadman won his match vs. Toey which was no surprise. SK.Sweet of Schroet Kommando Asia is proving his worth once again, but this time was matched up against one of his teammates, FaTC from France. This Undead versus Human match-up was one FaTC couldn't win.

Semi-Final Games:
mTw-Wizard [ 2:1 ] YolinY.SuhO
SK.Sweet [ 0:2 ] aT-Deadman
Here in the semi-finals, we are down to the top four competitors. The representatives from America, China, Korea and Russia have made it to his point. The SK.Sweet vs. aT-Deadman match is just promising to be awesome. On the other side of the bracket is the American mTw-Wizard, who will face YolinY.SuhO in a Night Elf mirror match. Can YolinY win in his home country? It's gonna be very hard for him, with those three other big name waiting for their moment of glory.
Battle for Third:
YolinY.SuhO [ 0:2 ] SK.Sweet
Grand Final:
mTw-Wizard [ 3:2 ] aT-Deadman
UPDATE: Congratulations to mTw-Wizard (Matthew Anderson) for winning the ACON4 World Finals, after defeating aT-Deadman. Wizard's road to the finals was not an easy one. In round one he beat Caf1[pG]. In the quarter-finals Wizard defeated his teammate mTw-Tak3r 2:1, then defeated SolinY.SuhO by the same score in the semi-finals.
Thanks to Evermore for helping out with this coverage.



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