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SK HoN interviewed by

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Apr 26, 2011 22:57

ImageFollowing their triumph in the Honcast HoNor tournament another website, this time around it's, decided to interview a set of SK Gaming players - Nick 'Testie' Perentesis and Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl.

Just a couple days after published their interview with a few US SK Gaming players,, that recently added Heroes of Newerth to their coverage, conducted an interview with CA Nick 'Testie' Perentesis and US Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl.

The line-up SK fielded on Sunday was probably one of the strongest teams the HoN community has witnessed in a while. Arguably every player in that lineup (Cardinal, Fogged, Korok, Testie, and Tralf) is able to fulfill a dominant role. How do you guys decide who plays the support roles?

CA Nick 'Testie' Perentesis:
"We go mostly by experience. My home is middle, solo, or carry. That's my natural role and what I have always been relied on to play. I think that's what will work best for us despite other players being perfectly able to play that role. I think we generally play what we feel most comfortable with to help the team get by better."

US Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl:
"Before when Bdiz was with us, he was always our go-to-support player. Since he left, both Cardinal and Fogged have kind of stepped up as support. Cardinal and Fogged both play a better support than I do, though I think I can also do it, really any of us can. It also depends on the heroes we draft: for example - Cardinal plays a great pebbles, so if we do draft something like that perhaps Fogged or I will be on support that game. It varies based on the heroes we draft."

Another hero we've been seeing that is heavily utilized these days by you guys is Aluna. Average players like to hail her as a useless, kill-stealing, gimped Windrunner but obviously this is not the case at the competitive level. What are your thoughts?

US Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl:
"Haha...oh the noobies...Aluna is an amazing hero for a number of reasons - The best thing about her, though, is her attack animation and her complete dominance over pretty much any hero in a solo lane. The combination of her attack dmg, animation, and massive burst from her powershot makes her one of if not the best solo mid or side solo in the game. Also, her ability to single-handedly push out every single lane with her global nuke makes it very difficult for teams to arrange any kind of push or fake-push strategies."

CA Nick 'Testie' Perentesis:
"I generally think there are stronger heros to play her role but she's not a bad hero and her stun can be a ridiculous later on. I prefer a hero with a bit more killing power and ganking with her from middle lane is pretty awkward overall. It's her lane dominance + movement after attacking + somewhat being a jack-of-all-trades hero that makes her pretty powerful. If you play her you'll notice she's very easy to harrass with and you can still get the CS rather than making the choice between the two sometimes. On another note, to Tralf and Korok specifically, if I stop farming a lane, can you please not nuke it? I dislike putting a carry in a dangerous position for no reason. I'd like to note that they did stop doing that, but I once said "hey, I'm going to stop farm this lane" and then an Aluna powershot came and my carry could no longer farm. Baddies ;["

Please head over to for the FULL INTERVIEW!



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