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uniQFazer: "Have to be unpredictable!"

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Apr 14, 2011 11:47

ImageThe captain and manager of Phenomenal Boys, uniQFazer and Rean, were interviewed by immediately after their victory in the SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1.

RU Phenomenal Boys have been considered a top tier team for as long as one can remember (in my case that's about a year) but never quite managed to make that last step of winning an important and prestigious tournament. This past weekend, however, they did exactly that after defeating CA Jokes on you in the finals of the SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1 which was sponsored by Steelseries and Bigfoot Networks.

Following this victory, their team captain RU Denis 'uniQFazer' Sharov and manager RU Andrey 'Rean' Miluts sat down with for an interview. Rean answered questions regarding their recent rejection of a contract offer by their previous organization Empire Gaming, while uniQFazer focused on answering questions about the inner workings of the team.

ESFI World: So, let's talk about the team. You guys were PhB (Phenomenal Boyz) some time ago, then Empire as you became well known as a team, and now you're back to PhB (now Phenomenal Boys). What's the story?

Andrey 'Rean' Miluts:
"PhB was our pre-Empr tag. The story is simple - our sponsor decided to focus on Starcraft 2, so our contract was revised and we weren't too happy about it. So, we left. We are now old school PhB."

ESFI World: What's your take on the SK tournament that just finished up? Any favorite moments?

Andrey 'Rean' Miluts:
"Jeraziah! :D The tournament was great. Shoutout to Kolapz for running it smoothly; as always, he did a great job. About the epic moments - definitely Jeraziah and the double-annihilation Valkyrie versus DM."

ESFI World: What were your thoughts on DWi/EHH leading into the SK Gaming finals match last Sunday?

RU Denis 'uniQFazer' Sharov:
"DWi has been playing well and we knew this. I don't like to play against North American teams because of obvious ping issues which decrease team morale. They have an Australian player which meant we had to play all our games on USE - a difficult task. Otherwise, we just knew they were (and are) a great team."

ESFI World: Game 1, Jeraziah. Speak!

RU Denis 'uniQFazer' Sharov:
"We took our preparation for this match seriously, knowing that DWi/EHH was a tough challenge. We were went over and discussed many possible strategies. During the picking stage, Phe`V remembered that old DotA strat whereAkasha (Wretched Hag) + Linken Sphere (Nullstone) + Repel (Protective Charm) could kill an entire team alone because the enemy team could do nothing to her. So we decided to run it and it worked amazingly well. We are always experimenting with picks and I think this is a must for any top team - to be able to come up with something new and unpredictable."

ESFI World: What happens during a typical match on vent? Who's leading the charge? Who's strategizing? Who's raging?

RU Denis 'uniQFazer' Sharov:
"During game, all players listen to me as the captain. I don't know what goes on with the other teams and I've heard some don't have captains. But we have a captain and I command my players; I give them orders and they listen to me. Of course sometimes raging happens, but even if something goes wrong and I start to blame them, they try not to rage back, they are used to that already and try to stick with the plan for the game while staying calm and focused. The key here is to always have input and information from all players on the team at all times. If there is silence then the team descends on a downward spiral, panic sets in, etc. Scandal is helping me a lot, as well as Phe`V, but the main coordination of the team rests on my shoulders as the captain. For example, if I see that the enemy is somewhat passive while some of us are trying to set up ganks or something, I'll say "we are going for Kongor" and our team will follow me without any hesitation. We have 100% trust in each other in our team."

To read the full interview please head over to!



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