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Fresh Pots: Na`Vi vs. fnatic inf IEM IV WC

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Apr 13, 2011 12:33

ImageFresh Pots of CS #1 looks at the deciding map, inferno, between Na`Vi and fnatic in the IEM IV World Championship final.

'Fresh Pots of CS' is a regular video feature in which one of the maps of a famous or important match is broken down, taking key rounds and providing talking points and food for thought. The significance of specific moments and actions on the overall outcome of the game is examined and explained.

In the first ever edition of 'Fresh Pots of CS' the deciding map, inferno, in the UA Natus Vincere vs. SE Fnatic series that was the IEM IV World Championship final is put under the microscope and broken down.

This map marked the beginning of Na`Vi's run as the best team in the world and what would eventually culminate in one of the best years any team has ever had in professional CS. Meanwhile for fnatic it showed that they were no longer the dominant team in the world.

What was the added significance to both teams of the game taking place on inferno? What did Na`Vi have to figure out internally to become World Champions for the first time? Which less high profile player was arguably the MVP of this map?

Fresh Pots of CS #1:



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