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Idra leads the swarm to semi-finals

By Radoslav 'Tyrael' Kolev
Apr 12, 2011 17:09

Image"Idra" faced "TheLittleOne" in a tight ZvT series and managed to prevail over Liquid's Terran. Idra proceed to the semis where he is to meet oGsMC.

US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields is the second semi-finalist of DreamHack invitational Stockholm. The American faced a tough opponent who he has met many times (most recently at MLG Dallas 2011) - DE Dario 'TLO' Wünsch.

US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields 2:1 DE Dario 'TLO' Wünsch
-0:1 Xel'Naga Caverns
-1:1 Metalopolis
-2:1 Crevasse

Starting on Caverns, TLO wanted to continue the cheese streak versus Idra that he started at MLG Dallas and went for a 7-Rax push. Although he managed to put Idra in a difficult position, the Zerg managed to finally muster enough units to stop the first of the big waves of the Marine. But then came a serious Baneling mis-micro and Idra lost all his units killing virtually nothing.

Idra, however, was rewarded with macro maps on sets 2 and 3. In both games the Zerg used Mutalisks to keep TLO's Thor army at bay, winning enough time to take over the map and tech to Hive. Being more than two bases behind in both games, TLO was forced to fight an uphill battle against Idra's swarm of Lings, Banelings, Mutalisks and Broodlords until he spit two consecutive GGs.

Dreamhack Stockholm continues with SE Sjow versus CA HuK in just a couple of minutes.



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