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SK HoN #1: Empire Gaming take the title!

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Apr 11, 2011 13:04

ImageThe SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1 sponsored by Steelseries and Bigfoot Networks has come to an end this past weekend!

We have our first champions! RU Phenomenal Boys (ex-Empire Gaming) managed to come on top of CA Jokes on you with a 2-1 result and have won the SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1 sponsored by Steelseries and Bigfoot Networks!

US SK Gaming 2-0'd SE Reason Gaming to get the bronze medal!

3rd place match

US SK Gaming 2 - 0 SE Reason Gaming

US Mike 'CarDinaL' Smith on Pebbles reigned terror from the get-go of the first game, managing to get his Portal Key fairly early and kept ganking his opponenents, thus allowing US Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl on Aluna and US Steven 'Korok' Ashworth on Flint to farm up to their heart's content. The only glimmer of hope for the Swedes was SE Tobias 'eresloco' Everhorn on Torturer, but that just wasn't even nearly enough to stop the dominating performance by SK.

While Reason Gaming decided to go with a turtle strategy focused around Sandwraith in the second game of the series, SK Gaming went the ultra aggressive route and it paid off. US Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl played Aluna once again and managed to grab 12 kills in just 22 minutes, skyrocketing his effectiveness and there was nothing his opponents could do to stop him snowball through the rest of the game, with ample help from the rest of the team.

VODs by Game 1, Game 2
VODs by Game 1 & 2


RU Phenomenal Boys (ex Empire Gaming) 2 - 1 CA Jokes on you

While Jokes on you decided to go safe with a standard hero line-up, the Russians last picked Jereziah, played by RU Denis 'uniQFazer' Sharov who not only managed to be on par with US Matthew 'jaH`' Penaroza's Thunderbringer in the solo lane, but also was a great asset to the team by making RU Vladislav 'blowaaaaaaa_' Morozuk's Wretched Hag magic immune so he can do his job, be a pain in the ass. With the mana regeneration and immunity on him, there was nothing his opponents could do to him, other than turtle up and hope CA Chad 'Tarano' Muller on Puppet Master can somehow farm up enough to take the game over. This, however, did not happen.

In the second game, the mixed Australian-American-Canadian team went back to what they do best - Pyromancer trilane. The super aggressive approach netted them kill after kill although they sacrificed the top lane Hellbringer, played by AU 'Dirgesnoopy' , who lost the lane heavily against RU Vladislav 'blowaaaaaaa_' Morozuk' Slither. The ganking and burst damage was more than what the Russian stunlacking team could handle, thus we were due to witness the deciding third game of the series.

And in the third game, Phenomenal Boyz rubbed it in by doing the same thing they just lost to - the Pyro trilane. RU Roman 'Scandal' Sadotnekov on Puppet Master won the mid lane against AU Trent 'sLiCKz' Tucker's Bombardier pretty convincingly thanks to Myrmidon ganks. CA Chad 'Tarano' Muller struggled to gain any farm on Flint and all his team could do to ease up the pressure is turtle up and wait. The Russian over aggressiveness cost them a couple teamfights, but they were more than able to hang onto their lead and grab their first major tournament title!

VODs by Game 1, Game 2, Game 3
VODs by Games 1, 2 & 3

SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1 final standings
1. RU Phenomenal Boys - $700, 5x Steelseries SK Gaming Edition QcK+, 5x Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100
2. CA Jokes on you - $200, 5x Bigfoot Killer 2100 shirts
3. US SK Gaming - $100, 5x Bigfoot Killer 2100 shirts

The SK Gaming management and crew would like to congratulate Phenomenal Boyz for winning the first edition of the SK Gaming HoN Tournament!

About Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100:
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About Steelseries SK Gaming Edition QcK+:
SteelSeries QcK+ Limited Edition (SK Gaming) is a limited edition super-sized mouse pad made of a high quality cloth material, featuring an eye-catching design created in cooperation with SK Gaming. It features a specially designed non-slip rubber base (which prevents the mouse pad from sliding) and a height of 4 mm (twice as thick as standard QcK+ pads).



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