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Movie spotlight: lurppis

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Apr 4, 2011 23:45

Image'Movie spotlight' highlights lurppis and his frag movies over the last 8 years. Watch 5 movies of the Finn who famously led Wings, 69N-28E and EG.

'Movie spotlight' is a feature which presents a collection of frag movies starring a selected player or team. Now fans can get all of their movie needs satisfied in one place on one page. Each time the spotlight is shone on a new star or squad.

Ever since FI Wings first stormed the WEG S3 qualifier in 2005 lurppis, along with his brother FI naSu, has been an integral part of practically every legitimately good Finnish team right up to today. Moving to America to lead US EG he took them from a team placing in the 9th-12th range to consistently challenging for the top 4 placings at major events. They were even able to beat one of Counter-Strike's most legendary lineups as they took down SE fnatic to win BEAT IT in late 2010.

lurppis' accomplishments include a bronze medal at WCG 2006, 1st at NGL-One S2 finals, 1st at WSVG Louisville, 1st at GameGune Mexico, 3rd at Arbalet Cup Europe 2009, 4th at IEM IV World Championship, 3rd at Arbalet Cup Dallas and 1st at BEAT IT. His career team winnings sit at over $300,000.

Enjoy six movies starring finland's greatest tactician: FI lurppis.

Name: lurppis 1
Editor: FI lurppis
Runtime: 7m36s
Released: 2003
Download: MegaUpload, mediafire

Name: lurppis 2
Editor: FI lurppis
Runtime: 10m42s
Released: 2004
Download: MegaUpload, GotFrag

Name: lurppis 3: Crucial Shots
Editor: FI lurppis
Runtime: 12m22s
Released: 2004
Download: MegaUpload, GotFrag

Name: lurppis 4
Editor: FI lurppis
Runtime: 12m58s
Released: 2010
Download: MegaUpload

Note: This movie was released unfinished and has no sound.

Name: lurrpis 5
Editor: CA illmatic
Runtime: 7m14s
Released: 2011
Download: MegaUpload, filefront

Look out for the next movie spotlight starring another player or team's frag highlights.

(Photograph copyright of ESL)



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