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ninjaboogie: "It feels great, but..."

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Mar 30, 2011 17:15

ImageMike "ninjaboogie" Ross, the DuskBin captain, gets interviewed by Fnatic.

The only Southeast Asian team on the Heroes of Newerth competitive scene, PH DuskBin has been hovering near the Top 10 spots since it's inception. Lately however, their talent simply exploded and wowed the crowd as they managed to reach the semifinals of the Honcast HoNor tournament and the quarterfinals of the SK Gaming HoN tournament, as well as grabbing their first international title by winning the Destiny Cup after they 2-0'd EU Fnatic in the finals. Their recent success certainly contributed to their 5th place in the Honcast TOP10 Community rankings.

Fnatic sat down with the team captain, PH Michael 'ninjaboogie' Ross and asked him a few questions regarding their recent success, how they cope with the server disadvantage, etc.

How do you guys cope with the server difficulties and time zone difference? It's definitely a lot of effort by you guys to take part in tournament games that start at like 3AM your time?

"Usually before every tournament match we start practicing on USW server to get used to the delay. Regarding the time zone difference my teammates usually rest up after their school and wake up few hours before the match and start practicing. It takes alot out of them but we deal with it because we enjoy playing."

DuskBin clinched 5th spot in latest Honcast Community Ranking, making a big leap from previous rankings. How does this recognition affects the team and are you satisfied with the current rank?

"It feels great but we still have alot to improve on as the metagame is slowly changing. We always try our hardest and try to find new strategies to get the upperhand on our opponents. We try not to think so much about the ranking because it is only a number as anything can happen during a game."




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